EYG Comic Cavalcade #22

May 11, 2023

Yesterday was NEW COMIC BOOK DAY at the local comic shop so I was excited. There was a bunch of great new books that I have only slightly made through so far. However, there was something that I had not expected in that pile of new books.

There was one of the best new comics I have read in a long time.

Something Epic #1 came out from Image Comics, written and illustrated by Szymon Kudranski. I had seen it advertised in Previews a while ago and I added it to the pull list.

What an awesome choice.

I was completely in awe. I loved this so much. I have not felt like this after reading a book in a long time. This book felt like a combination of Spielberg and a classic Oscar-bait film.

The art was truly stunning. It felt as if it were a photograph at times. I was amazed at the beauty of every page. It had a remarkably original style and lay-out. Some pages were full page shots with a ton of monologue while others had no words at all and had multiple small panels that told the visual story. Not only that, but the story continued right up to the back cover. I had never seen that before.

There was also a bunch of different styles of art within, especially from the different creatures that we see throughout the book.

Young 14-year old boy Danny Dillon, who can see Epics all around. Creative thought takes physical form and the Epics are the only ones who can see it. Danny is one of these, however, there is more to this boy’s life besides this as there is something happening with his mother.

A book that celebrates imagination and creativity, Something Epic truly made me excited to be reading comics. It is a gorgeous comic. I got Cover B out of multiple variant covers which was drawn by Tony Daniel and Szymon Kudranski.

I loved this. Can’t wait until #2.

Meanwhile, there were other good books out this week…

Amazing Spider-Man #25. Written by Zeb Wells and drawn by Kaare Andrews & John Romita Jr. There is an awesome cover on this issue by John Romita Jr., Scott Hanna & Marcio Menyz. We get some answers about what happened to Mary Jane and how she became a mother. I thought this was pretty decent but I am still not sure if this is how Peter would have reacted to the FF or Cap. Particularly the FF who was always like a family to Peter. Still, apparently #26 is the big one. I’ll be anxious to see where this leads. By the way, there was a fun little backup story with Peter and Black Cat at a wedding called “Welcome to Omaha, Spider-Man.” Written by Rainbow Rowell and drawn by Alvaro Lopez.

Free Comic Book Day: Fishflies #1. Written and drawn by Jeff Lemire. This FCBD book was another really cool and lovely horror comic. It was very mysterious and how the fishflies play into the story. This was a great read and does help make me anticipate this new Lemire book more. I have loved most of Jeff Lemire’s work and this seems to be another winner.

Ghostlore #1. Written by Cullen Bunn and illustrated by Leomacs. This was another awesome new horror book where a family of four winds up in a car wreck and the young girl, Harmony and her reverend father, survived while her mother and brother did not. However, they could still talk to them. The boy, who had not done much speaking, had something to confess and needed them to listen to him. And the boy was not the only one. Very intriguing book.

Daredevil #11. “The Red Fist Saga Part 11.” Written by Chip Zdarsky and featuring art by Rafael De Latorre. Matt Murdock is back to New York and JEEZ does he take an unbeleivable step to try and get the upper hand with the Stromwyns. This was truly a HOLY SH*T moment in a book that has been filled with them over the years.

The Great British Bump-Off #2. “Death by Chocolate Cake.” Script by John Allison and art from Max Sarin. Confusion and misunderstanding abound as the contestants, especially Shauna, try to make a chocolate cake. Shauna has lost her notes on the murder, making her fellow contestants very uncertain about her. This continues to be a fun read.

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