The Mother

I watched the new Netflix movie The Mother on Mother’s Day this past Sunday. I just realized this morning that I had not written a review of it for the site. I believe that after I had finished watching The Mother and started off watching Schmigadoon and The Silo and never came back to The Mother. It was not up to their of those Apple TV + projects, but The Mother was not terrible.

Jennifer Lopez starred as a former assassin who had been in hiding after having to give up her baby daughter to protect her. When the identity is revealed, Lopez returned to do what she could to save her from the evil forces.

So this really reminded me of that other Netflix movie, Lou, starring Allison Janney. It had a similar arc to it and maybe even some similar tones.

Jennifer Lopez is decent as the action hero of this film even though there are so many moments that are fairly dumb. She does what she can with what she is given to do.

There was some decent action scenes, but there was nothing really memorable that stood out in the film.

Having said what I have, nothing much else stands out about this movie. Obviously if I do not remember much about a movie from a week before, there can’t be much to the movie. I remember not hating the film, but it does not stick out to me.

2.5 stars

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