2016 Kick Ass Females

Woman Power in 2016 once again!  Here are our top ten female kick ass character from TV, Movies, comics etc.

Image result for tulip o'hare#10.  Tulip O’Hare (Preacher).  AMC’s new series based on the comic book featured the strong female presence of Tulip.  Played by Ruth Negga, Tulip showed her bad ass side through the entire season.



Image result for elektra#9.  Elektra (Daredevil).  Elektra joined in on season two of Daredevil on Netflix giving Matt Murdock a love interest and the Hand a dangerous weapon.  Sounds as if she will be back for Defenders.



Image result for captain marvel#8.  Captain Marvel.  Carol Danvers was one of the two major sides to the battle over the Inhuman Ulysses in Civil War II.  Captain Marvel believed that they should be using Ulysses‘ foresight powers to prevent crimes while Tony Stark did not like what was happening.  Carol became the authority.


Image result for jyn erso#7.  Jyn Erso (Rogue One).  Jyn Erso is the daughter of the man who built the Death Star and she led the mission to retrieve the plans for that very station.  Jyn was played by Felicity Jones.


Image result for lee from american horror story#6.  Lee (American Horror Story: Roanoke).  She was the lone survivor of the bloody reality show that took place at Roanoke, and she actually got away with the murder of her husband.  Lee was not a heroic character here, but there can be no doubt that she was a survivor.  Not even the Butcher could bring her down.


Image result for harley quinn robbie#5.  Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad).  One of the best parts of the Suicide Squad movie was Margo Robbie’s portrayal of Harley Quinn.  She was so popular that Warner’s Brothers wanted to give her a movie of her own.  Gotham City Sirens is the reported title.



Image result for wonder woman gal gadot bvs smile#4.  Wonder Woman (Batman v. Superman).  Also probably the best thing about this movie, Gal Gadot eased a lot of concerns over her casting as Princess Diana.  She came into the final battle with Doomsday and looked like she was having a blast.  Plus, she was involved in one of the best trailers of the year.  Wonder Woman could be higher on this list next year.


Image result for moana#3.  Moana (Moana).  Disney’s newest “princess” is different than normal.  Moana stands up to The Rock and makes it clear that she fits with him.  Plus, she sings like an angel.  Moana brings the Polynesian culture to the big screen in an animated Disney film for the first time.


Image result for dolores westworld#2.  Deloris (Westworld).  We thought Deloris was just a “host” at the park, but she became so much more than that as the HBO show progressed through the season.  Yes, she was an artificial intelligence, but pop culture is filled with moments where AIs are trouble.  And Deloris is all the trouble that can be handled.


Image result for marvel mockingbird#1.  Mockingbird.  She was the star of the best comic of 2016.  Bobbi Morse was funny, intelligent, and full of energy.  Written by the wonderful Chelsea Cain, Mockingbird was the most original comic and the best female character of the year.  It is still a shame that Marvel couldn’t have stuck with her for a longer run.


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