The Next great Netflix YA adaption should be…..

I have been binging the brilliant new series on Netflix, 13 Reasons Why.  The show is based on the YA book of the same name that was written by Jay Asher.  I read the book last year and really enjoyed it.  It was original and emotional and I never thought it would be adapted on a television screen.  However, Netflix has shown me that it is possible.  In fact, Netflix’s model is considerably better than the YA movies that have populated the big screen over the last several years.  So what books could be the next great series from Netflix?  I have five suggestions.

Image result for dorothy must die#5.  Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige.  The Wizard of Oz is still a classic and everyone knows about the story.  So this book series where we see that Dorothy and her friends from Oz had returned to the land and became corrupted by the magic of the land is a truly awesome idea.  We follow a new Kansas girl, named Amy and her own trip to Oz.  The familiar being switched is a winning formula and a multiple episode series allows Danielle Paige’s story to really develop its new (yet old) characters.


Image result for 14 clines#4.  14 by Peter Clines.  I thought about offering up the Ex-Heroes series featuring super heroes and zombies because… I mean, it is super heroes and zombies.  What more could you want.  However, 14 is a story that would be even more interesting.  The mystery surrounding the building is compelling and could easily create a wonderfully frightening world with fantastic characters.


Image result for asylum roux#3.  Asylum by Madeleine Roux.  This horror series by Madeleine Roux brings the main character to a special college that was held inside an old asylum.  This book seriously creeped me out, and has had several sequels.  In the book, there are spooky photos throughout the novel that help create the mood.  With enjoyable characters and a well developed mystery, Asylum would be a great addition to Netflix’s catalog.


#2.  The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes.  The Naturals are a group of amazing young people involved in a special group of profilers from the FBI.  The five main characters are as compelling as any characters in any of these books.  Each of them have a specialty.  Cassie can read people.  It was a skill she got from her mother, who was killed by a serial killer.  The five kids would be vitally important to this story and their complicated relationships are perfect for this series.


Image result for grasshopper jungle#1.  Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith.  This is a brilliant novel.  I absolutely loved this book.  I laughed through the entire thing.  It was original.  It was the story of some young teen named Austin Szerba in a small town in Iowa that has had an attack by giant sized Praying Mantis, leading to a potential apocalypse.  The book features all of the teen tropes of coming of age but uses them in a laugh out loud manner.  Rumor has it that the book is being developed into a movie with Edgar Wright attached.  Still, I think this would work all the better on Netflix.



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