EYG Top 30 Best Movies of 2017


So here we go.  What the whole Year in Review has been building up towards… The EYG Top 30 Best Movies of 2017.

Before we start the countdown, I need to specify some rules.

  1.  The list is my personal opinion.  I have no problem with anyone who may disagree with my list.  Film is subjective and that is one of the great things about it.  You may think Movie 43 is the greatest movie ever made, and you have that right.
  2. The list does not take into consideration the rating that I gave at the time of the review.  Just because I gave a film a 5 star rating, does not mean it will be above another film with a 4.5 star rating.
  3. Some films do better on second viewing while some slip in retrospect.  There have been films that I liked on first viewing that as I reflect upon it, I realize that I did not like it as much a I thought I did.  Call it the Amazing Spider-man 2 effect.
  4. And, of course, this is only movies that I have been able to see.  Many films open in limited locations around the US but not in an area where I can see it.  So there will be no Shape of Water, The Post, I, Tanya, Call Me By Your Name, Phantom Thread, Molly’s Game, The Florida Project on my list.

Any way… here is the official EYG List of Top 30 Best Movies of 2017

First up:  Honorable Mentions Jim & Andy, Stronger, Okja, The Girl with all the Gifts, Gifted, Disneynature: Born in China, My Scientology Movie

#30.  The Book of Henry.  I wanted to include this on my list because there was so much hatred for this film and I thought it was wonderful.  Great performances.  Emotional story beats and a unexpected twist that surprised me (though it did come out of left field).  I understand those who hated this, but I was not one of them.

#29.  Phoenix Forgotten.  One of the few found footage films this year that was any good at all.  I really enjoyed the story about the mysterious lights that many residents of Phoenix reported seeing.  This was a clever use of history to tell a story.

#28.  Ferdinand.  This one caught me so off guard.  I never thought that I would like this film, let alone make it #28 on my best film list.  There was just something about the movie that grabbed me and engaged me with the characters and the story.

#27.  The Incredible Jessica Jones.  The first of the Netflix series to make the list this year.  Jessica Williams took a star turn in this comedy/drama.  Look to her because her future is bright.

#26.  Detroit.  This was a tough watch and one that I do not need to see again.  However, I was glad that I saw it once.  The evil we can do in name of hatred never fails to sicken me.  This was one of those movies where you cuddle up in a corner and rock after seeing it.  An important film to see at least once.

#25.  3 Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.  There are some powerful moments here and some great characters who take things way too  far.  Who are we actually rooting for here?  Those lines are blurred dramatically.  Great performances though.

#24.  Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.  Here is another one that I really enjoyed but received its share of hatred from critics.  The criticisms I heard never entered my mind and I thought it was absolutely stunning to look at.

#23.  The Man Who Invented Christmas.  This was another one that I did not think I would like as much as I did.  The story of Charles Dickens and his writing of A Christmas Carol in six weeks to beat a deadline was told in a most original manner and I thoroughly enjoyed myself watch it play out.

#22.  John Wick 2.  A fine sequel to the original, but it was just not up to the line set by the first one.  Keanu Reeves was still great as the character and there were still awesome action scenes.

#21.  Split.  M. Night Shyamalon is back.  James McAvoy gave one of the best performances of his career and made this movie awesome even before the unbelievable and unforeseen twist at the end which made this film more than it was before.  It was great at first and epic afterwards.

#20.  Blade Runner 2049.  The Blade Runner sequel was beautifully created and performed and there was so much to it.  Harrison Ford was amazing here, looking like he cared very much about the film.  Unfortunately, much like the first Blade Runner, this one was not a success at the Box Office.  Maybe this one will become the cult hit like Blade Runner did.  It would deserve it.

#19.  Colossal.  This one sneaked under the radar for a lot of people, but it was a really great monster movie focusing on the quiet moments.  Anne Hathaway returned to prominence with the film and Jason Sudeikis may have given his best performance ever.

#18.  Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.  This is a film that crept up this list consistently, stopping here at #18.  The Rock and Jack Black give fabulous performances playing against type and we get that 1980s feel of action/adventure that we don’t see much any more.  Jumanji was a fun time.

#17.  Gerald’s Game.  The next Netflix film is a dark one.  I suppose that makes sense as it is a Stephen King adaptation.  Handcuffed t the bed is a bad place to be if your husband has had a heart attack, you are in a remote cabin and there is a hungry dog hanging around.  Tense and nerve-wracking, Gerald’s Game is one of Netflix’s best.

#16.  Star Wars: The Last Jedi.  This film has been very divisive among Star Wars fans, but I really loved it.  There were some problems with the story which dropped this down my list, but the best parts of The Last Jedi were some of the best parts of any movie this year.  The third act alone here is beyond anything I expected.

#15.  Mudbound. Here is the best Netflix film of the year.  Such a powerful story of family, survival, racism, love and anger, Mudbound was an epic to watch.  I would have like to have seen this on the big screen instead of on my computer screen.  Great performances and there should be some Oscar nominations for this one.

#14.  Wind River. The fact that this film is #14 should speak to how strong of a year for movies we had.  Jeremy Renner was wonderful in this movie and Elizabeth Olson was a perfect partner for him.  The story was tragic and the cinematography was beautiful.  Wind River is one to see if you missed it.

#13.  Baby Driver.  Another one that did not make the top ten, but could have in another year.  I loved the story of baby and his amazing skill at driving.  I did not love the relationship with Baby and Lily James, but that did not take away from the story for me.  Jamie Foxx was great here too and I loved his end.

#12.  The Lego Batman Movie.  This might be the best Batman movie we have gotten since the Dark Knight.  Who would have thought that. There was question about whether or not the Batman bit in the Lego Movie could carry its own film.  No doubt now. This was funny and awesome.

#11.  Get Out.  A masterpiece as a first film for director Jordan Peele.  This was not the kind of film I thought he would do, but obviously, Peele has plenty of things to say about society and race relations and he can do it in entertaining ways that do not make you feel as if he is preaching to you.  Get Out is one of the best horror films of the year.

#10. Wonder Woman.  A vitally important film, Wonder Woman provides a hero for those young girls to look up to and to aspire to be like.  Patty Jenkins did a fantastic job here, creating the one DCEU film that is loved by all.  Gal Gadot proved she was Diana.  A weaker third act that leaned on CGI too much brought the film down a little for me, but the No Man’s Land sequence is one of the greats.

#9.  Brigsby Bear.  I did not see this one coming either.  I loved this movie of a boy who had been kidnapped as a child but raised as a part of a family. He was hidden away and he watched only the TV show Brigsby Bear, the show his father (Mark Hamill) would make for him.  This was a dark movie, but one with so much heart and warmth that it takes away the darkness.

#8.  Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.  This is one that I loved more on second viewing than the first.  I thought the first time that this was great, but I did have some issues.  The second time, my expectations were gone, and I enjoyed this as much as any movie this year.  The Yondu scene is as emotional as you will find.

#7.  The Big SickKumail Nanjiani tells the true story of how he found his wife Emily in this heart warming tale.  Emily gets terribly sick and Kumail has to wait with her parents at the hospital.  To make it worse, Emily and Kumail had broken up.  This was poignant, funny, and showed us some amazing characters.

#6.  Thor: Ragnarok.  Anyone claiming that Marvel Studios doesn’t take risks can shut up now.  They gave their Thor franchise over to Taika Watiti and he made something that the MCU had never seen before.  This was funny from start to finish and the movie had real stakes.  Thor: Ragnarok is the best of the Thor franchise going away.

#5.  The Disaster Artist.  If you have not seen The Room, you should treat yourself.  This is the story of how The Room, one of the worst movies ever to see the light of day, came to be.  James Franco plays Tommy Wiseau to perfection but they do not just poke fun at Tommy and The Room.  They look at Tommy as a fully fleshed out person with feeling and emotions and it is wonderful.

#4.  Coco.  Pixar is at it again with an emotionally draining tale of Miguel and his desire to follow his dream of being a musician despite his family’s refusal.  His journey takes him to the Land of the Dead where he finds family members from the past to help him follow his heart.  Blubbering at the end of it.  Coco hit the feels more than any film this year (well… except maybe for #1)

#3.  Spider-man: Homecoming.  Spider-man is home in the MCU!  Where he belongs.  He also got one of the great villains of the year in the Vulture, played expertly by Michael Keaton.  Homecoming was full of fun and adventure and Peter Parker in high school.  Tom Holland was tremendous and is on his way to being the best Peter Parker we ever had.

#2.  It.  This almost made it to number one.  I loved the remake of It this year.  This film transcended the horror genre.  it was as much of a coming of age story or a thriller as it was horror, but, make no mistake, there were plenty of frightening moments in it.  The slide show scene alone was as scary as it comes.  The kids of the cast were amazing and really made this feel like an epic movie.  Bill Skarsgard did a great job stepping into the shoes of the iconic Tim Curry.  As I said, I debated making this #1, but I just could not get it past…

#1. Logan.  This was such a perfect way to send Hugh Jackman out as his days as Wolverine are now over.  When the first trailer with the Johnny Cash song came out, it looked so perfect that I was really worried.  FOX has burned us before with good trailers for crappy movies- especially involving Wolverine.  But Logan was a masterpiece from start to finish.  Hugh Jackman was brilliant as the Old Man Logan version of the character who was just trying to survive with his father figure, Charles Xavier.  Logan did not want some girl to be dropped in his lap, but once Laura arrived and showed what she could do, you knew Logan would do the right thing.  And I cried every time at the end of Logan.  I cannot think of a better treatment of this character than what we got.  Logan came out early in the year and, although It came close, nothing could dethrone this as the best movie of 2017.


Coming Next:  The Top 30 WORST movies of 2017

3 thoughts on “EYG Top 30 Best Movies of 2017

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  2. What? BR2049 at number twenty? What gives? I appreciate it’s all subjective but that’s just weird. Number ten maybe, but twenty? I suspect it may climb in your estimations if/when you see it a few times.

    Really didn’t think Logan was No.1 material myself; it was good and started well but became bit too formulaic towards the end, which was a pity, the first half started so well and was quite daring. But it’s a major-studio film so I guess something had to give.


    • I have only seen Blade Runner 2049 once, and I am not a huge fan of the first one, but truthfully, I found some of the film dull, especially early on. It is a spectacular film to look at, but it felt long to me. I appreciate everyone and their opinions. This was mine. Certainly, a list like this could change over time. That is the nature of film.

      As for Logan, to me, the film was wonderful and I thought the ending was well done.

      Either way, thank you for commenting and expressing your opinions. I like to hear other’s views.


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