LOST S1 E7 “The Moth”

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You All Everybody

You All Everybody

Drive Shaft’s big hit, You All Everybody, debuted in its full in this episode as we get a Charlie-centric episode called “The Moth.”

We know that Charlie is a junkie, addicted to some form of drugs.  He had given those drugs to Locke in the previous episode and he is starting to go through withdrawals and it was affecting his attitude.  Charlie was feeling useless and confronted Jack about it.  Problem was… that was the moment when an earthquake came, trapping Jack inside a cave.  Charlie was able to get out.  The group of survivors immediately went about trying to dig Jack out from the cave.

This had turned to be one of my favorite episodes of the early part of season one.  I liked Charlie, knowing him as Pippen from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and I connected to Charlie’s story.

Charlie went to Locke and asked for his drugs back.  Locke told him a story about a moth and how they had to struggle to escape from their cocoon.  Locke said that the struggle was nature’s way of strengthening the moth.  Locke told Charlie that he would let him ask for his drugs three times, this being the first, and on the third time, Locke would give them to him.

Back at the cave, Charlie returned and they had a a small hole dug through but no one was small enough to crawl through it.  Charlie volunteered.  He was able to crawl into the cave with Jack just before the tunnel collapsed again.

Inside the cave, Jack and Charlie engaged in some witty banter, a trademark of LOST.  Jack had a separated shoulder that Charlie had to put back in place.  Charlie spotted a moth and follows it out of the cave.  Is this irony or part of the magic of the Island?

Charlie asked for his drugs back for the third time from Locke, who gives them back only to see Charlie toss them into the fire.

Charlie becomes one of those beloved characters on the Island (except for a stretch during season 2) and this is truly the start of that.  Dominic Monagham was the biggest name celebrity on LOST when it started so the focus on Charlie makes a lot of sense.

We had side stories involving Sayid trying to triangulate the signal of the French woman, which seemed to work until someone hit him in the back of the head and destroyed his machine.

We also see more about Sawyer and his tendency to gain some form of retribution against those he believed caused him harm.


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