LOST S1 E8 “Confidence Man”

One of the more uncomfortable episodes of LOST as they took a step unexpected by having Sayid torture Sawyer.

It was revealed early that Shannon was suffering from asthma and she was missing her inhalers since the crash.  Boone saw Sawyer reading the novel Watership Down, which he said was in his bags, which was where the inhalers were.  So if Sawyer had the novel, he had the inhalers.

Both Jack and Kate tried to get Sawyer to give up the medicine, but he would not listen.  In fact, he said h would give the medicine if Kate kissed him.  It all seemed juvenile until Shannon had a major attack.

Because of this attack, jack and Sayid decided that desperate times, yada yada yada.  Turns out that Sayid was more than just a “communications officer” during the Iraq War.  He was a torturer.

The scenes where Sayid took bamboo and shoved them under Sawyer’s fingernails was extremely uncomfortable to watch.  Sawyer’s cries of anguish was as tough to watch as it was for Jack to listen to.

The episode was a Sawyer-centric episode, looking at how he was a confidence man (CON MAN) back in the real world, scamming rich women and their husbands out of money.  We discovered how much Sawyer hated himself as well.  He had become the man he was searching for. Literally. Sawyer’s real name is James Ford.

Turns out, the letter he had been reading was a letter than James had written to a con man- actually named Sawyer- whose con had led to James’s father to commit suicide after killing the young boy’s mother.  James wrote the letter blaming “Sawyer” for the death of his parents.  However, as he grew older, James found himself doing the exact same thing as “Sawyer” so he adopted the persona of Sawyer.

Sawyer has a hatred of himself, and he goes out of the way to push people away from him.  He sees himself as a bad person, much like the man whom he blamed for killing his parents.  It is one reason why Sawyer has acted the way he has on the Island, staying at length from any other survivors.

Confidence Man is a solid character story giving us background information on Sawyer as well as Sayid, who leaves camp feeling guilt of his own over his role in torturing Sawyer.

Oh, and Kate did kiss Sawyer in a very seductive manner.  After the kiss, Sawyer revealed that he did not have the inhalers after all.  It was all just a way to continue to look like an asshole.  Fortunately, Shannon was helped by Sun using eucalyptus.



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