LOST S1 E9 “Solitary”

The ninth episode of the first season of LOST went into the mythology of the Island for a bit and introduced us to several major factors that would carry throughout nearly the entire series.  And Jack, Charlie, Michael and Hurley played some golf.

This episode was a Sayid-centric episode showing us Sayid in action during the Gulf War as a torturer for the Republican Guard.  I have to say the inclusion of an Iraqi army character in the show is just brilliant and to make him as deep and complicated as Sayid defied all stereotypes.  It would have been easy to make him a villainous, evil character but Sayid is not that, although he may believe that he is.  In his flashbacks, we see Sayid reconnect with a woman he had known as a young girl, Nadia.  But Nadia had been captured by the Republican Guard as a traitor and Sayid’s job was to get information out of her which was something Sayid did not want to do.

Meanwhile, on the Island, Sayid, who had left the camp to be alone after torturing Sawyer last episode, finds a metal cable that leads into the water from the jungle.  He followed the cable in the jungle and he gets captured by the French woman.

Danielle Rousseau.  She would become one of the biggest mysteries of the series and a beloved side character from the LOST community.  Danielle is clearly a little off-balanced…maybe I’d go as far as to say crazy.  She believes that Sayid is one of them and she tortures him to try and get him to tell her where Alex is.

There are a bunch of things introduced in these scenes with Danielle and Sayid.  These include:

* The Others, people whom Danielle claim are here though she has never seen them.  She hears them whisper.

* The sickness.  In the message when she said that “it killed them all”, Danielle was referring to the sickness.  She was shipwrecked with a science vessel and the mysterious sickness apparently infected all of her crew.  She then killed them all, including her love, Robert, to prevent the sickness from spreading off the Island.

* That when Sayid mentioned the “Monster” in the jungle, Danielle said, “There’s no such thing as monsters.”

* Danielle mentioned Alex, which turns out to be her child.  We would later find out that Alex is a young girl stolen from Danielle as a baby by Ben Linus.


The golf course was some of the most fun scenes of the season so far.  Seeing the survivors just let loose and enjoy themselves. It furthered the competitive relationship between Jack and Sawyer as well.  We also see Ethan for the first time from out of nowhere and we never give him a second thought since there have been plenty of background characters who have yet to be introduced.  Why would one unfamiliar face mean anything to us.  Heck, Sullivan and his hives appeared here for the first time too.  Of course, Ethan will play a huge role going forward as one of the Others.

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