LOST S1 E20 “Do No Harm”

Oh boy…

This was a tough one.  I had not been connected to Boone that much, but that did not mean that his untimely death did not come with an emotional wallop, because it was very effective.

The show did a smart thing for those who may not have been as connected to Boone.  Instead of it being a Boone flashback episode, they made it about Jack.  They showed you how the dying of Boone was affecting our favorite doctor and really playing on his desire to be able to save everyone so if you were not a fan of Boone, you could still feel the pain in Jack.

The show also balanced out he death, which fits into the theme of duality on the Island by having Claire’s baby born into the world at the same time as Boone was leaving it.

Boone’s death really amped up the rivalry between Jack and Locke, even though John was not seen in this episode.  Jack sees the death as a murder, since John did not tell him that Boone had fallen inside a plane and was crushed.  John had told him that he fell off a cliff.

This was the first death of a major character (sorry Scott) on the Island and it really drove home the idea that the survivors were not safe.  I remember watching the episode for the first time in shock.  I always assumed that there would be some way to save Boone since he was one of the main cast.  This was before the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones when audiences expect cast members’ deaths.  I remember being horrified that Jack was preparing to cut off Boone’s leg, not expecting the show to go that far.  It was both a blessing and a curse when they did not, because it meant that Boone was going to die.

This was the first appearance of Jack’s wife Sarah.  We saw their wedding and the lead up to the wedding.  We learned that Jack had saved Sarah by operating on the broken back she received in an auto accident.  The show implied that Jack was more in love with the saving of Sarah than with Sarah herself.  Jack and Sarah were very sweet together and the thoughts about what would happen to break them apart was tough as well.


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