LOST S1 E21 “The Greater Good”

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After several strong episodes, “The Greater Good” felt like a placeholder episode that was filling in time between the arches of the season.

John Locke returned from the jungle with Boone blood all over his shirt, only to have Jack attack him and call him out as a liar. Jack, who was physically struggling from his attempted blood transfusion and lack of sleep, was not thinking straight, but Sayid certainly was.

The episode had several good dialogue scenes between Locke and Sayid, which would have been the highlights of the episode.

Maggie Grace, who is the actress playing Shannon, gave a strong performance as a grieving sister looking for revenge on the man she blamed for the death of her brother.  While the death is an accident, an argument could be made that because Locke lied about the manner of the death, Jack was not able to sufficiently aid Boone.  It is also very possible that there was simply nothing that could have been done to save Boone and blaming Locke for Boone’s accidental death is unfair.

Either way, after Shannon steals one of the guns from the Halliburton case, she goes to shoot Locke.  Sayid prevents her from killing him, causing the bullet to glance off the side of Locke’s head.  Jack did not go to look at the injured Locke, just turning away from him instead.

In a more light-hearted part of “The Greater Good,” Charlie discovers that “Turnip-Head,” which is the nickname he gave to Claire’s baby (who will be named Aaron), loves the sound of Sawyer’s voice and Charlie forces Sawyer to read to the baby to keep him from crying.  This was after a funny scene where Hurley tried to get the baby to stop crying by singing “I Feel Good” by James Brown.

The flashback took Sayid to Australia where the CIA wanted him to infiltrate his old college roommate’s terrorist cell and find some missing C4.  This is one of my least favorite flashbacks for the season because it really made Sayid look like a horrible person.

“The Greater Good” was a filler episode that will lead into a considerably stronger end to the first season as Sayid will convince Locke to finally come clean about the Hatch.

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