LOST S2 E9 “What Kate Did”

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One of the enduring mysteries of the first season of LOST was exactly what Kate Austen did to get the police and Marshals chasing after her.  Now, in season 2, we have that answer.

Seems that Kate blew up her step-father.

No middle ground here either.  No mistake.  No uncertainty.  Kate waited for her step-father Wayne to come home, drunk as usual, and she had the gas turned on.  She helped him to bed and then caused a massive explosion that consumed the house and Wayne with it.

Wayne had been married to her mother for many years and he was a rotten person.  He was a drunk, he beat on his wife, and made plenty of hints that would make one feel uncomfortable.  Yet, this was going on for years.  So why did Kate choose to roast Wayne at this point?

Kate had discovered that Wayne was not her step-father, but her biological father, and she could not stand the knowledge that this evil, dark man was a part of her.  That she would never be able to escape from him, knowing that she shared DNA with him.  So she decided to rid the world of him.

Of course, everyone’s least favorite Marshal, Edward Mars, had captured Kate and was bringing her in and he was trying to figure out why she had done it when a black horse stepped in the car’s path.  Swerving, Mars crashed the car into a pole and Kate is able to knock him out and take off in the car, escaping from Mars for the first time.

Later on the Island, Kate sees the same black horse that she first assumes is some kind of vision, that she is going crazy.  However, Sawyer sees the horse too, proving it to be more than just a hallucination.  Could this be the Smoke Monster again, playing tricks on the survivors?

This episode really puts into words the triangle between Jack-Sawyer and Kate.  Kate sees herself as unworthy of Jack, even though she has distinct feelings for him.  She sees her relationship to Sawyer as similar to her mother’s relationship to Wayne; that Sawyer is also a broken person to whom Kate is drawn.

It is clear with everything that happened in this episode that Kate is a conflicted character with severe self-loathing issues.  She sees herself as having a dark part of her soul and that is why she pulls away from Jack, who she claimed was “perfect.”

Other details from “What Kate Did”:

  • Hurley made reference to Bernard being white.  Jack brushes it off.
  • Mr. Eko and Michael see the orientation film.
  • Mr. Eko provides John with part of the film that had been cut out and that he found inside a bible in the Arrow Station.  This clip said that they should not use the computer for anything else but inputting the numbers.
  • Michael is inspecting the equipment in the Hatch when a message comes across the computer: “Hello”.  Michael responds to it and gives his name.  To that, the computer responds, “Dad?”- implying that this is Walt on the other end.
  • They had the funeral for Shannon.  Ana Lucia did not attend.  Neither did Kate.
  • Kate was strangled by Sawyer, as it seemed that Sawyer had been possessed by Wayne’s spirit.  Kate got away from him and ran off in the jungle.
  • Jack found Kate in the jungle and tried to comfort her.  She kisses Jack passionately, but runs off afterwards.

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