LOST S2 E4 “Everybody Hates Hugo”

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Hurley flashback episodes were always fun because Hurley was one of the most beloved characters on the show.  Interestingly enough, that very idea is played with during “Everybody Hates Hugo.”

Hugo “Hurley” Reyes had been given the job of taken inventory and rationing out the food found inside the Hatch, and it was a job that Hurley did not relish.

Many flashbacks are meant to mirror things that are happening on the Island, but honestly, few have had such a connection as this one did.  The off-Island scenes dealt with the hours after Hurley discovered that he had won the lottery, but before he claimed the money.  Hurley was worried that the lottery win would change things in his life, but not necessarily for the better.

I wonder if Hurley had “made his own luck” by believing in the curse when he saw how his friend Johnny turned on him when he discovered that Hurley had the winning lotto ticket.

Hurley quit his job, asked out the girl he had been crushing on, and had a day of fun because he knew that change was going to happen.

On the Island, Hurley worried over the responsibility and was scared that, just like Johnny who turned on him, the rest of the Island would hate him when he had to say no to requests for food.  Charlie, who had asked for peanut butter, was an example that seemed to support Hurley’s assumption.

It was such a concern for Hurley that he retrieved a stick of dynamite and was preparing to blow the food pantry up.  Thankfully, Rose came along to prevent Hurley from doing anything rash.  Hurley planned a big party to feed everyone at the same time so there would be no arguments.

Meanwhile, Jin, Sawyer and Michael are in the pit trying to figure out what they were going to do.  The lid was opened and a rope tossed down.  first Jin and then Michael, but they left Sawyer in the hole, to which Sawyer, in reference to Ana Lucia, said “Bitch.”

Jin and Michael convinced them that they were on the plane too and let Sawyer out.  We meet Mr. Eko (though not by name), Ana Lucia and Libby.  They take Jin, Michael and Sawyer to another Hatch where the rest of their people resided, including Rose’s husband Bernard.

The scene where Bernard asked Michael about Rose was very sweet and Bernard was very relieved by the news that his wife was fine.

As I said earlier, Hurley-centric episodes never fail, and “Everybody Hates Hugo” is just another example of a great one.


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