LOST S2 E5 “…And Found”

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This Jin and Sun-centric episode “…and Found” is honestly not a bad episode. There just is not that much to it.

After a hot start to season 2, this one kind of ground to a slow.

Ana Lucia and the Tailies decided that they were heading across the Island to where Michael, Jin and Sawyer’s group were found, but before they could take off, Michael ran off in search of the Others and Walt.

Jin and Mr. Eko went after him as the rest of them started heading back to the Losties camp.  Sawyer’s wound continue to get worse.

Meanwhile, Sun had realized that she had lost her wedding ring.  She frantically searched around for it.  This did lead to a nice scene with Sun and Locke.  It was one of those examples of Locke being like the wise man of the Island.  He came across Sun tearing up her garden in frustration and he calmed her down.  Locke told Sun a story about how he used to be frustrated and angry all the time, but that he was not lost any more.  She asked how he did that and John responded, “The same way everyone finds something that is lost: I stopped looking.”

Later, Sun found her wedding ring when she took Kate to show her the bottle with the messages that had washed up on shore from the raft.

The Sun-Jin flashback showed us their first meeting, and how Sun’s parents were initially trying to get her married off to the son of a hotel magnet.

The flashbacks here were fairly dull and did not do much to advance the story.

The biggest scene was when Jin and Eko hid in the jungle as a group of Others- in bare feet and seen only from the knee down, walked by in single file, the last one dragging a teddy bear along.

The other mystery shown here was when Jin stumbled across the dead body of a man named Goodwin.  Eko told Jin that he was one of the Others.  We do not know how he come to have a long stick rammed in his chest.

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