LOST S2 E8 “Collision”

The fallout of episode 6, Abandoned, happens here, as a grieving Sayid, moments after Shannon dies in his arms, moves to kill Ana Lucia.  He is intercepted by Mr. Eko, who just wants to prevent any further death.  Ana Lucia ends up with Sayid’s gun and forces Libby to tie Sayid to a tree.  Ana Lucia can be seen confused and uncertain about what she has to do.

The Ana Lucia-centric episode flashes back to Ana Lucia’s time on the LAPD, after returning from being shot four times.  In the flashback, Ana Lucia tries to return to her job normally, but she is continuing to have an internal struggle over what happened to her.  Ana Lucia came into conflict with her police captain, who also happened to be her mother, Teresa Cortez.  The Captain worried about Ana Lucia and was not sure she was ready to go back out on patrol.

When Ana’s assailant was captured and confessed, everyone was happy, except Ana Lucia.  Despite the confession, Ana Lucia claimed that this guy, named Jason McCormack, was not the guy who shot her, which led to his release.

However, it was him and Ana Lucia followed him to a bar, stalked him, and confronted him in the back ally.  She told Jason that she had been pregnant and then shot him three times in the chest before moving closer and shooting him three more times in the head.

Ana Lucia admitting she was pregnant was meant to help connect her with the audience, but it did not work very well as Ana Lucia was still out there shooting people.  She did not seem to be too good of a cop.

Finally, the rest of her people decided they had had enough.  Mr. Eko had already taken Sawyer to find the doctor, and now Bernard and Libby wanted to leave as well.  With Sayid’s blessing, Jin led them back to their beach camp.

My favorite moment of this episode was easily the reunion of Bernard and Rose, who although we had never seen together, was very emotional and loving.  We had loved the character of Rose in her unwavering belief that her husband was alive and her no nonsense approach to life and to see her so happy at Bernard’s return is wonderful.

The Jin and Sun reunion was nice as well, but you always remembered that Jin had been such a jerk to her for much of season one that, at this point, their reunion was tempered by that.  Subsequent reunions for this pair are much more relevant.

Jack got a look at the connection between Kate and Sawyer and you could almost see that he had that “I missed my chance” look when it came to Kate.  Sawyer was in bad shape and Kate sat at his bedside in the Hatch.

The dialogue between Ana Lucia and Sayid was dynamite as she told him most of the story about her shooting.  She claimed to feel dead already.  When she cut him loose, Ana Lucia believed that Sayid would kill her in retaliation for the death of Shannon, but Sayid said that since they were both already dead inside, why waste time killing her.

Sayid carried Shannon’s body back to the camp where he came across Jack and Mr. Eko who were on the way back to help.  When Jack was interrogating Eko, he showed that hot tempered attitude that made me question jack’s leadership skills.  Locke was there too and considerably more calm, which only seemed to infuriate Jack more.  Perhaps Shannon’s death played on Jack’s guilt at being unable to save everyone and that is why he was so angry.  He was angry at himself, not so much at Mr. Eko.  When he heard that it was Ana Lucia who had shot Shannon, Jack’s attitude changed, softened.  He remembered the meeting with her at the bar prior to the plane’s departure.

I do think the writers were setting up Ana Lucia as someone for Jack when they realized that Kate and Sawyer had become such a huge thing, but Ana Lucia and Jack were never going to mesh as their characters’ personalities did not go well together.

Another strong episode as season two started off on fire.

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