LOST S2 E17 “Lockdown”

I swear Locke-centric episodes never fail to deliver.

And when you throw in mysteries of the Hatch and another pair of epic performances by Michael Emerson and Terry O’Quinn, what else could you need?

How about a little poker between Sawyer and Jack?  I’m not the only one who is all in for that.

Strange sounds begin inside the Swan as John is there alone to guard Henry.  Jack has gone out to hope to find out how long Ana Lucia has been gone.  She took Henry’s map and recruited Sayid and Not evil Charlie (we know because his hood is down) to help her find Henry’s balloon. In fact, it is early in the episode where they actually find the balloon and the grave just as Henry described them.

So as they are gone, John tried to figure out what this sound is.  Before he knew it, the blast doors (that Michael had asked about in an earlier episode) slammed down.  John is able to get a crowbar beneath the final door to hopefully give them a chance to get out.  John recruits Henry to help pry the door up.  Between the two of them, they are able to place a tool box under the door. Locke goes to slide under when the door creaked toward the floor, crushing the tool box and impaling John’s leg with one of the spokes.  Before John’s legs are completely crushed, Henry gets some weights and piled them up underneath to take off some of the pressure.

John know that he is in trouble because it has been a while since they have pushed the button and now he was stuck.  He tells Henry that they need to push the button and he suggests that Henry climb out into the vents, enter the code and push the button.

Henry falls and knocks himself out the first attempt, but, as the buzzer starts going, he is able to climb from the room.  We can only hear the clock buzzing and the timer going until finally, the sound of the timer going back to 108 is heard.  Then the lights came back on and the doors raised up.  John called for Henry, and dragged himself out from beneath the doors.  Unexpectedly, Henry came back and helped John get up on the couch.

At this point, Sayid, Jack, Charlie, Kate, Ana Lucia came back to confront Henry.  Henry asked, “Didn’t you find my balloon?” Sayid admitted that they found the balloon and the grave, but he still did not believe him so he dug up the grave and found the body of a man, not a woman.  A man whose driver’s license said his name was Henry Gale.

Henry straightened up knowing that he was caught.

Of course, as we all know, Ben is never without another manipulative plan.

The Ben-John relationship will be extremely complicated as the years move on with LOST.  This showed how it began, with Ben lying to John, John believing him and being disappointed.

Another couple of important things happened in the episode.

  • As John is pinned beneath the blast door, he sees a map of the Island drawn on the back of it in invisible ink or something that only shows beneath a black light.
  • There is a food drop on the Island that Kate and jack come across before Sayid returned.
  • Jack won the medication back from Sawyer in their Texas Hold’em game, and clearly, Jack is a great player because he kicked Sawyer all over the place.
  • When Sawyer asked why Jack did not ask for the guns in the bet, Jack said, “When I need the guns, I’ll get the guns.”
  • In the flashbacks, Anthony Cooper faked his own death and John and Helen went to his funeral.  Cooper came to Locke to ask him to pick up $700,000 from a bank security box that he got in a con.  Locke lied to Helen about this activity.  Locke was going to propose, but when Helen discovered that Cooper was still alive and John knew about it and lied to her, she refused his proposal and left him.

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