LOST S3 E21 “Greatest Hits”

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The penultimate episode of season 3 was another fantastic one.  This time, we focus on Charlie and the fact that he has been dodging death for the last half of this season, thanks to Desmond.

Charlie has come a long way from Dark Charlie from last season.  Here he has volunteered to swim down to the Looking Glass station to shut off a jamming signal that blocks any messages off the Island.  He does it with the knowledge that Desmond had seen him do it and drown, but it led to Claire and Aaron getting on a helicopter to leave the Island.

Charlie was compiling a list of his “Greatest Hits”, the top 5 memories of his life, which were out flashbacks for the episode. This is another creative way to include the flashback in the story.

Desmond tries to convince Charlie to let him take his place, swimming down to the Looking Glass which is supposed to be flooded.  It sounded like a suicide mission, but Charlie knocked him out with the oar so he couldn’t do it.  Charlie was determined to get Claire off the Island no matter what happened to him. This is a totally different Charlie who was more concerned with his drugs or his jealousy over Locke.  This was a hero.

Of course, once Charlie finds his way into the Looking Glass, he realizes that it is not flooded after all.  One more lie from Ben.  There are even two armed women down there who have their guns trained on Charlie.  (One of the women will be the Evil Queen on Once Upon a Time).

Meanwhile, the trap for the Others have to be sped up because Carl arrived and told them that the Others were coming sooner than they thought.  They recruited three shooters (Jin, Sayid and Bernard) who would shoot the dynamite in the marked tents when the Others went inside expecting the women who were pregnant and, as Jack said, “Blow them all to Hell.”

Jack has become a much stronger leader than we have seen for awhile.  Jack is going to lead the remainder of the group to the radio signal so they can shut off Rousseau’s message and signal the freighter.

This was a great episode, but a lot of it felt like they were setting up for the finale.  Through the Looking Glass is the final episode of season three and it is a huge episode.

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