LOST S3 E22/23 “Through the Looking Glass”

“Kate, We have to go back!”

With those words, LOST completely redid its narrative for the remaining seasons of shows.  We knew one thing for sure.

Image result for lost through the looking glassJack and Kate made it off the Island.

The entire two-hour run of the finale, “Through the Looking Glass” I kept wondering where this Jack flashback fit in with continuity.  It did not seem to make any sense. Even when Kate first stepped out of her car, I’m like, wait…what?

When it dawned on me that this was not a flashback, but a flash-forward, the world of LOST was reborn.  They were on the path to the conclusion and, if it was going to be anything like this episode, the ride was going to be epic!

This was some of the best television I had seen in ages.  Seeing Jack so crushed, so out of control, was heart-breaking.  There were plenty of hints in the flash forward, but none of them made a lick of difference to me at the time.

And then, there was Kate, looking at Jack with such a disbelief, a pity in her eyes.  This was a man she had once called “perfect” breaking down in front of her.  He had developed a painkiller addiction, been riding airplanes to Sydney, Japan, Singapore hoping that it would crash… very un-Jack-like behavior.  What could have possibly caused Jack to crash this hard after escaping the Island?  Jack was very confident and in charge on Island as we see him leading his people to the radio tower, preparing to call to Naomi’s freighter.  How could there be such a difference in the man whom have gotten to know over the last three seasons?

The flash forward would have been enough in this episode, but there are a bunch of other magnificent threads weaving together to make such a brilliant finale.

Charlie in the Looking Glass is being tortured by the two women he found there.  Desmond, who just now wakes up, is being shot at by Dmitri and he swims down to the station as well.  Desmond is able to hide but Dmitri showed up.  He gets orders from Ben to kill everybody down there.  Fortunately, Desmond shoots Dmitri with a spear gun before he kills them all.

Of course, he needed a second shot to the head.  Double tap, as Zombieland would put it.

Charlie gets the jamming device shut off as Desmond is working on getting diving gear.  A message comes through the station and Charlie takes it.  It’s Penny!  They’re excited, he mentioned Desmond and Penny is excited.  Charlie mentioned the boat and Naomi, but Penny doesn’t know who Naomi is.  Then, Charlie saw the still not-dead Dmitri outside the station through a port hole and he had a hand grenade.  Charlie slammed the door just just before Dmitri blew the hole in the side of the room, letting the water into the room.

Desmond’s vision was coming true. But before Charlie drowned, he was able to write on his hand “Not Penny’s Boat.”

Charlie’s death is truly one of the biggest heartbreaking moments on LOST and is one of the best deaths on TV.  Why does Charlie sacrifice himself?  Couldn’t he have shut the door and Desmond and he use the scuba gear to get away?

Personally, I think it goes back to the original vision.  Charlie knew in order for Claire to be on the helicopter, he had to drowned and he saw this as that moment.  He also could have been saving Desmond’s life after Desmond had saved Charlie’s life three/four times.  With as poorly as Charlie’s character was treated in season two, this was an epic way to go out in season three. Charlie certainly was the hero of the story.

Another hero of the finale was Hurley.  Poor Hurley only wanted to help, but his offer to Charlie was rebuked because Charlie said he couldn’t fit into the boat and his offer to Sawyer and Juliet, who were heading back to the beach to try and help Jin, Bernard and Sayid, was rebuffed as Sawyer said “Look at you, what help can you be”.  In both cases, the characters were being mean because they wanted to protect Hurley.  Fortunately, Hurley did not take the insults and he continued on his own and he got his car from “Tricia Tanaka is Dead” and made an entrance, running down one of the Others.

Prior to this, Ben had intercepted Jack’s people and wanted to talk to Jack.  He got five minutes.  Ben warned Jack that the people on that boat were not who they said they were and that he needed to take the sat phone and destroy it.  Jack refused so Ben called Tom at the beach and told him to kill Jin, Bernard and Sayid in one minute unless he called him back.  Ben asked Jack to give him the phone or Tom would kill them all.  Jack would not do it and you can hear three gunshots over the walkie.  Jack jumps into savage mode and beats the crap out of Ben.

No doubt about it, one of the best things that Michael Emerson can do on LOST is get the crap kicked out of him.

After Hurley’s drive, Sayid put on a display of his fancy foot fighting, as he takes down and breaks the neck of one of the Others with his hands tied behind his back.  How do you break someone’s neck with your legs?  You have to be a bad ass Iraqi I guess.  Sawyer gets a hold of a gun and winds up basically executing Tom Friendly, who had given up.  No hesitation this time, as there was when John had wanted Sawyer to kill “Ben” (which turned out to be Anthony Cooper in “The Brig”).

Hurley used the Walkie talkie to communicate with Jack to tell him that everyone was safe.  The signal on the sat phone started working.  They shut off Danielle’s message.  Ben, laying on the floor all battered, introduces Alex to her mother, Danielle.  Mother and daughter tie Ben to a tree in a weird bonding activity.

Everything seemed to be going great… until Naomi started to call to the freighter and… John Locke showed up and killed Naomi with a knife to her back.

John, who was last seen in the mass grave of the Dharma Initiative, came to and was preparing to shoot himself in the head when he saw a vision of older Walt.  Walt told John to get out of the hole and get to work.  I guess Walt meant go and kill Naomi, because John does that.  John then threatened to shoot Jack if he did not give up the sat phone, but Jack called John’s bluff.  Despite Ben’s shouts for John to shoot him, John backs down and leaves.

Jack calls the freighter and they make contact.

What a fantastic episode and a brilliant season finale.  The flash forward would have people guessing and wondering until season four and the drama of the death of Charlie was as melancholy as can be.  Everybody had something important to contribute to the story and it sets up beautifully the next phase of LOST storytelling.

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