LOST Season Three Review

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LOST season three has been completed in my re-watch of the series, and this is one of the seasons that really was all or nothing.

The first half of the season had several episodes that were pretty weak to downright poor.  The recognized worst episode of LOST, “Stranger in a Strange Land,” is from this season. However, the last 6-8 episodes are as good as you get.

There are several episodes that are hated by most that I actually love.  Two immediate examples include “Tricia Tanaka is Dead” featuring Hurley and “Expose” featuring Nikki and Paolo.

It was during this season where the creators of LOST were able to convince ABC to give them an end date for the series so they could begin working towards the conclusion of the story.  Because of that, you start seeing a couple of things.  One, some of the flashbacks are really weak because there just is not enough to make them matter.  Two, the writers begin to experiment with the format of the flashbacks, like in “The Brig” where the flashbacks are all on the Island and just tells the story in a different manner.

We got some major questions answered such as Who is the original Sawyer?  What happened to the Dharma Initiative?  Who is Alex?  How do people get to the Island?  How did Locke wind up in the wheelchair?

Best EpisodeThrough the Looking Glass.  Completely changed the landscape of the series moving forward, flash forward even.  Charlie’s death. Ben and Jack.  Locke returns from seeing Walt.  Called the freighter and they had a lock on them.  Blowing up tents.  So much excitement and drama and the biggest twist of the series.  Runner-UpFlashes Before Your Eyes.

Best FlashbackFlashes Before Your Eyes.  Desmond’s story does play with the format of the flashback, introducing time travel and its rules into the LOST mythos.  Fan favorite character Eloise Hawkins is introduced as well.  Runner-UpThe Man from Tallahassee

Best PerformanceTerry O’Quinn, The Man from Tallahassee.  Terry O’Quinn is spectacular in this episode where we find out how Locke gets in the chair.  O’Quinn had to go through so many different emotions in this episode, he is truly awesome.  Runner-UpHenry Ian Cusick, Flashes Before Your Eyes

Biggest JerkAnthony Cooper.  No contest.  This guy this season throws his son out of an 8th story window, may have killed his fiance’s son, bad mouths John on the Island, runs his mouth to Sawyer.  If anyone had coming what happened to them, Anthony Cooper is the one.  Runner-UpBen Linus

Best DeathCharlie Hume.  This is another no doubter.  Charlie’s death is one of the best deaths on television ever and it is sad to watch today.  He is a hero in the end, warning Desmond that it is “Not Penny’s Boat.”  Runner-UpMr. Eko

Biggest Surprise:  “We have to go back!” Flash forward to the future instead of flashbacks.  This shift in narrative makes a huge change in the story of LOST and was something that you just did not see happening.  If you watch it again, you can see the hints, but the reveal was just so well done.  Runner-UpNikki and Paolo are paralyzed, not dead.

Funniest Moment Sawyer teaching Jin to speak English.  This whole section including Hurley calling Sawyer “red-neck-man” and Sawyer being impressed was just beautifully written and the laughs flow directly out of the characters.  Runner-UpJin telling the campfire story

Best Moment:  “Not Penny’s Boat”.  Charlie takes the time to write on his hand a message to Desmond to tell the rest that the freighter was not sent by Penny was poignant and heartbreaking.  Runner-Up: John Locke pushed out of an 8th floor window

Most Developed CharacterDesmond.  Desmond’s flashbacks were perfectly done and it gave him more layers each time.  The connection between Desmond and Penny is the stuff to drive the rest of the seasons.  Runner-UpJack Shepherd.

Best New Character:  Juliet.  I hated her, but there is no doubt that she is the best new character.  Both Ben and Desmond were introduced in season two, so they are not new characters.  Juliet is important through the entire season and helps the Oceanic 815 survivors come as close as they have so far to being rescued.  Runner-UpMikhail.


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