LOST S4 E1 “The Beginning of the End”

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Season four starts off strong with us learning that Hurley is another one of our Oceanic 815 survivors who have made it off the Island. In fact, they are kind of celebrities, with Hurley calling himself a member of the Oceanic 6.

Hurley, Jack, Kate….

But Hurley has been having trouble on the outside, winding up back in the mental institution (although he does not seem sad about that).  He has been seeing dead Charlie, and Charlie tells him that “they need him.”

Jack also stopped by, alive of course, and wanted to check on Hurley.  Hurley asked him… are you just here making sure I haven’t told anyone.”  So the Oceanic 6 apparently have a secret to share.

And another man named Matthew Abaddon came to see Hurley pretending to be a lawyer working for Oceanic.  He made Hurley very nervous, so much so that Hurley made a big deal about getting away from him.  Abaddon is an intriguing looking character that is one of the most disappointing character to debut.

On the Island in present time, the survivors have a decision to make.  Word of Charlie’s message has gotten through to the group and the idea that the people on the freighter are not who they claim to be is weighing on them.  Jack and Locke are at serious odds, but Locke said that he is going to the barracks and any one who wants to go with him can do so.  The questions over Charlie’s message caused Hurley, Sawyer, Claire, Alex and Carl among others to go with Locke.

Another parachutist arrives on the Island.  This one is named Daniel Faraday.  He’ll be one of the best characters to arrive.

In fact, the people on the freighter are more impactful, successful and interesting as characters than anyone from the tail section.  Of the “tailies,” only Bernard remains (although Cindy is still with the Others).  The freighter will bring us Faraday, Frank Lapidus, Miles Straume, and Keamy, who all have major parts of the story.

The first episode serves as a kick off for the final 48 episodes LOST is going to have and this does a great job of setting it up.

Plus, when Hurley tells Claire about Charlie, that is one of the toughest, most emotional moments in the show’s history.  I said it before but when Hurley cries, we cry.


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