LOST S4 E6 “The Other Woman”

After one of the best episodes of LOST ever (and an hour of television as good as you get), “The Other Woman” is a serious step down into B-level science fiction and craszy stalker level rom-com.

There just seems to be a lot of plot points that are confusing.  Faraday and Charlotte know about a power station on the Island, the Tempest, and are going to do something with the dangerous, killer gas.  They are super secretive and the misdirection is that they are trying to help.  Just…if you are really trying to help and not have ulterior motives, then why not tell people what you are doing?  Why hit Kate over the head and leave her alone in the jungle where Smoke Monsters or polar bears could get her?

And Juliet deserts Jack when they find Kate so she can go on and do what?  She keeps that info to herself as well.  She later tells Jack that Ben had told her to kill both Charlotte and Daniel.  Again, why are you keeping this to yourself?  Might be an important piece of data to know.

The whole Jack-Juliet kiss after this was just out of place.  I still do not trust Juliet and won’t until the past comes along.  Why would Jack?  I never understood the fascination he had with Juliet.

The whole flashback to Otherton with Juliet and Goodwin was fine, though psycho wife was weird, as it was for her to show up at the beginning of the show.  Is she dead and was that the Smoke Monster?  That might make some sense.

Ben whole Stalker routine with Juliet is another thing that has come out of nowhere.  I would have liked some hints about that earlier than this because now it feels a little wrong.  I think a lot of the reactions make sense if you drops some hints earlier, but hey were not there.  The relationship with Goodwin came out of nowhere either.

And why in God’s name would John trust anything Ben has to say?  Hasn’t he learned yet that Ben is a total liar and cannot be trusted at all?  Does anybody really think that file about Charles Widmore was Ben’s last piece of info.  I don’t think so.  Why John consistently lets himself get manipulated by Ben shows a weakness in his own character.  I’m also getting a little tired of despot John as well.


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