LOST Season Four Review

Season four of LOST was the shortest of the all six of the seasons, but it did not hinder the quality.  In fact, it is arguably the best quality per episode of any of the seasons.

The time travel aspect being introduced would be a huge piece for LOST and will be explored even further in season 5.  Several new and fascinating characters were introduced thanks to the freighter and we had the return of one favorite.

There is amazing performances all season long from Michael Emerson, Terry O’Quinn, Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, Elizabeth Mitchell, Henry Ian Cusick among others.

There were tears of joy and tears of loss and tears of reunion.  All in all it was a great season. Several shows were crippled by the writer’s strike, but LOST just kept on going.

Best Episode: The Constant.  One of the best hours of television on TV ever, The Constant gave us even more reason to hope for that Penny-Desmond reunion.  It was a magical episode.  Runner-UpThere’s No Place Like Home, Part 2

Best Flashback/forwardJi Yeon.  The combination flash forward and flashback was a cool gimmick to keep viewers on their toes.  It is my favorite Sun/Jin flash yet.  Runner-UpThe Shape of Everything.

Best PerformanceMichael Emerson, The Shape of Everything.  The loss of Ben’s daughter was the moment where everything changed for Ben.  Ben could not believe that Alex wound up dying for his sins because that is not the way the rules were meant to be set.  Runner-Up:  Henry Ian Cusick, The Constant

Biggest Jerk: Martin Keemy.  One of the new characters this year was a heartless, cruel mercenary that did not care whom may be in the way between him and his target Ben.  After all of the shades of grey, a little straight villainy was welcomed.  Runner-UpCharles Widmore

Best Death:  Alex.  Didn’t see it coming.  Alex was being used as a hostage to get Ben to come out of the building.  The witness is never killed in that way.  Surely Ben wouldn’t let his daughter die.  When the gunshot rang out, I was as shocked as Ben and this moment fundamentally changed Ben for the remainder of the series.  Runner-Up:  Michael Dawson

Biggest SurpriseDanielle and Karl are shot and killed.  After so many years, you would think a character such as Danielle Rousseau deserved a better send off, but this showed how cruel Keemy and the other mercenaries were. Runner-Up: John Locke is in the casket

Funniest Moment Ben fills the Orchid device with metal as John watches the orientation tape.  John’s expression was perfect as Ben continued to fill up the container with metal despite Dr. Halliwax saying that there should be absolutely no metal inside.  Runner-UpHurley gives Ben a candy bar

Best MomentDesmond and Penny’s phone call.  Easily.  Might be the best scene of the series.  It had so much emotion and hope and love that it was remarkable.  And there were two amazing performances from Penny and Desmond.  Runner-UpAlex’s death

Most Character DevelopmentBen Linus.  Everything changed for Ben and he developed as a character.  It is not necessarily for the better.  Runner-UpMichael Dawson

Best New CharacterMiles Straume.  There were several good choices here, but Miles felt like he had the most to do.  Runner-Up: Daniel Faraday

Season 5 is next!  Time Travel to the Dharma Initiative.

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