LOST Season 5 review

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LOST season five was a lot of fun. I know there were some people who had dropped out of the series by now from frustration or impatience, and I find that to be a shame, because there are some tremendous episodes in season five.  I also loved the time travel element in the series.  It really brings everything together

So here is the review of season five…

Best Episode:  “The Incident”  The season finale really threw the action into overdrive as Jack and his merry band went to drop a nuclear weapon down the Swan hole in an attempt to blow up the electromagnetic anomaly that would lead to the crashing of Oceanic 815 in the future.   Great action, character development and drama.  Runner-UpThe Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham.

Best Flashback:  Jacob is everywhere, The Incident.  Jacob had inserted himself in our main characters’ lives and we see him all over the place.  Makes one wonder how he can get off the Island so easily.  Runner-UpDesmond beats the hell out of Ben, Dead is Dead

Best Performance:  Josh Holloway, The Incident.  Sawyer’s desperate attempt to hold on to Juliet and not let her slip from his grasp is one of the singularly most emotional moment of the year and Josh knocked it out of the park.  He was very consistent all season long as well.  Runner-Up:  Michael Emerson, Dead is Dead.

Biggest JerkStuart Radzinsky.  One of the Dharma Initiative who you really wanted to punch in the face.  How does Kelvin Inman last as long as he did pushing the button in the Swan Station with this guy?  Big time a-hole.  Runner-UpRoger Linus

Best Death Jeremy Bentham, The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham.  Aka John Locke. We saw how John wound up in that coffin and it was just horrific.  Damn you, Ben.  To see John Locke at the lowest point of his life was terrible, only to end up strangled by a person he thought was there to help him.  Runner-UpCharlotte

Biggest SurpriseJohn Locke is dead… still, The Incident.  We all thought that John Locke had returned from the dead when they brought his body back to the Island.  Nope.  Dead is dead.  The other passengers on Ajira 316, who have some connection to the Island, brought a box with them and dumped out the corpse of John Locke.  Meanwhile, the other John Locke is inside the statue’s foot.  Shocker. Runner-Up Ben strangles John Locke.

Funniest MomentHurley and Miles debate time travel.  This is just the most fun debate on the season.  Miles tries to get Hurley to understand, but instead Hurley stumps Miles.  Runner-UpDr. Chang catches Hurley, “Ok, dude, we’re from the future.”

Best MomentSawyer holds on to Juliet.  The relationship between James and Juliet was a highlight of the season, so when James desperately tried to keep her from falling down the Swan station hole, you saw the fear in James’s face.  And Juliet struggles free from his grasp to prevent him from falling in as well.  Beautifully tragic moment. Runner-UpSayid shoots little Ben.

Most character developmentSawyer/James LaFleur.  Or whatever you want to call him.  Sawyer is a totally different person from season four.  He is a straight forward good man who goes out of his way to help people.  LaFleur is night and day from the Sawyer we used to know.  Runner-Up:  Jack Shepherd.

Best New CharacterIyana.  This was a choice that feels like a runner-up choice instead because there is no real new character.  A lot of characters who we have heard about or seen that were expanded upon (Jacob, Horace, Radzinsky, Roger) but none of them are new characters.  Iyana is fairly annoying but she fits the bill.  Runner-Up Phil.

One more season to go….

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