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Vice is the story of Dick Chaney and how he became the most powerful vice-president the United States had ever seen.

Vice is written and directed by Adam McKay, who also did The Big Short.  There are many techniques that are used here that are used similarly to that movie.  The use of breaking the fourth wall and talking directly to the audience is used effectively again and again.

The film definitely has a left lean to it, but, as the film itself says, these are the facts.

This biopic follows the adult life of Dick Chaney (Christian Bale) through some early life drinking problems to public service (which could be argued about exactly what public was being serviced).  Amy Adams was his wife Lynne, who is shown to be loyal, remarkably strong and nearly as power hungry as her husband.  Steve Carell portrays Donald Rumsfeld, a man tied to Cheney throughout the years.  Sam Rockwell is President George W. Bush, who is shown as someone who just wanted to be President and was happy to have someone take some of the “heavy lifting” away.

The film is darkly funny.  You see the manipulative things Cheney did to get himself ahead and you wonder how he got away with it.  You also can see how we came to be in our current state of politics in the U.S. today.

The whole Iran deal really makes this group of people look terrible.  As if they cared more about their own goals than those of the country.  One wonders how close to the truth this movie comes because if it is close, these people are responsible for some terrible choices in American history.  History may judge them sharply.

In the middle of the film, SPOILERS… the credits begin to roll and it acts as if the movie was over.  It was a great and extremely funny bit, interrupted by a phone call to the Cheneys.  One wonders what would have happened had George W. Bush and his people had not decided to give a call to Dick Cheney.   How different would our world be or would someone else have stepped into the vacuum and been just as bad?

Also, the narrator (Jesse Plemons)…whoa.

Vice was entertaining and took a dark and controversial time in our countries history and was able to show both the outrage and the humor.  Adam McKay was able to once again use a difficult topic to create an entertaining movie.  It may be too political for some people’s taste, but I loved it.

4.25 stars

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