Suspiria (2018)

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With the cold temps, I have had a chance to watch a couple of movies that I missed during the 2018 year, movies that were never in theaters around here but are now on iTunes.  The first of these was Suspiria.

I had heard both extremes of this film. Some people loved it and called it one of the best films of the year.  Others could not stand it and thought it was horrible.

I fall into the latter category.

I did not like this movie at all.  I found it a confusing, weirdly pretentious art house film that tried to be more than what it was.  I was bored ten minutes in and the shock value did nothing for me.

This is a film inspired by a 1977 Italian film of the same name.  This has lots of blood and viscera as well as dancing without music.

Tilda Swinton and Dakota Johnson were in the film but, honestly, I did not care for anyone so I barely registered what I saw.

I really did not like this movie.  I appreciate the attempt at something weirdly different, but not this different.

1.2 stars

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