Assassination Nation (2018)

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The second film from last year that I had not seen but found on iTunes today was Assassination Nation.  Film critic and Schmoe Mark Ellis had loved this movie. which it made his top 10 favorite list.  That had made me interested in seeing this.

I will say this.  I really enjoyed this movie considerably more than Susperia, the other film I saw on iTunes today.

This film was brutal and rough.  The film shows the bad behavior of kids, social media and the underscore of hatred of other people.

An anonymous hacker reveals personal messages and online histories to the community, ruining lives.  The community turns violent and begins to target the girl Lily (Odessa Young) who the people blames for the hacking.

The film is like Bad Girls meet the Purge.  Directed by Sam Levinson, the movie is angry and mean, but also darkly funny.  It is bloody and violent.  It shows the dark side of the human race and how cruel people can be to one another.

I watched a lot of this with my mouth open.  It was surprisingly deep and has some serious themes going on here, which surprised me.  I found this to be quite an impressive film, better than I thought it was going to be.

4 stars

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