Age of X-Man Alpha #1

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Age of X-Man Alpha #1

Welcome to a Perfect World

Writers:  Zac Thompson & Lonnie Nadler

Artist:  Ramon Rosanas

Cover Art:  Phil Noto

How do I feel about this series?  I’m just not sure.  It feels like the X-Men meets Pleasantville.

Full disclosure, I lost interest in the ten issue weekly X-Men event that was just completed that led up to this new reality so I am a bit uncertain exactly what is going on here.  As I read this, I wondered if this was a reality like the Age of Apocalypse from 1995-96 where everything was new and characters were completely rebooted.  Or was this a new land where the X-Men remembered their past and just have moved into the new realm.

I am still not 100% sure.

While reading through this, I got the impression that the past was remembered, I am not sure if the pat was totally remembered as it had been.  The whole stuff with Bishop and Jean Grey was weird and then, even stranger, was the reaction to that (which apparently will lead into another X-series called Prisoner X). They make references to Cyclops,  Logan, Professor X, and they seem to be implying that their fates were very much like the normal Marvel Universe.  Yet, that might not be the case.

My personal interest in the X-Men has been slipping dramatically over the last few years.  Every time I think I might get back into it, I wind up disinterested once again and unread issues just pile up.  I will admit that this issue intrigued me somewhat because I just did not know what was going on.  I also would say that I have never been a fan of alternate realities or dimensional series like this (for example, I disliked the recent Champions storyline in Weirdworld).  This feels as if it is some kind of hybrid between both of them.

Of course, this leads to 6 separate five-issue series involving these characters and I am not sure how I feel about it.  After five issues, does all of this just end?  Does that make it worth my time?

I am torn by the idea, but the issue was good.  I liked the art, which had a new feel to it.  A clean feel.

If you liked the Age of Apocalypse, I think this is most likely your cup of tea.  I’m still uncertain about the whole event, but I would say to give this book a try.


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