Invaders #2

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Invaders #2

War Ghosts Part II

Writer:  Chip Zdarsky

Artists:  Carlos Magno with Butch Guice

Cover Art:  Butch Guice & Dan Brown

The second issue of the Invaders series continues its excellent run with a dual story of flashbacks to World War II and a current day conflict between former Invaders Namor and Captain America.  All the while, there is a mystery brewing about the past of Namor and how he is connected to Charles Xavier.

This has been just excellent so far.  The confrontation between Cap and Namor is just wonderful, as we see the connection that these two men had in the past and how it influences how they are carrying themselves today.

Honestly, though, I am just enthralled with the mystery of what Namor is hiding and how it will impact the Atlantean King.

This smaller story that involves Namor with a human family known as the Petersons goes in direct contrast with the King Namor who is in apparent preparation to start a war with the surface world including some weaponry that you may not expect.

I love the contradictions within the character of Namor.  Is he a hero who fought beside the surface world against the vileness of the Nazis or is he a power mad despot who wants to take his anger out on the humans for their treatment of the seas?  It seemed that his connections to Steve Rogers, to Nay Peterson, to Bucky, may be what stands between the all out war.  And how does Charles Xavier fit in, and is it a secret that Namor is willing to kill people he cares about to protect?

Invaders #2 is a great story and I am completely entertained by it.  Come to the series to see how these long time allies deal with a changing world.


Image result for invaders #2 cover

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