Avengers: No Road Home #4 (of 10)

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Avengers: No Road Home #4

Writer:  Al Ewing, Jim Zub and Mark Waid

Artist:  Sean Izaakse

Cover Art:  Yasmine Putri

This is the fourth week of the Avengers event called No Road Home.  It has been the best Avengers story arc in a long time.

This week’s issue gives the background of the series main villain, Nyx, which means we get some Greek mythology in the works.  And Hercules has his mind clouded by the children of Nyx and he attacks his friends in the Avengers.

And above all else, there is such an epic final page of the issue.

This issue has some amazing pages of art work from Sean Izaakse.  There are some beautifully rendered pages, featuring the contrast between the colors of the world of Mount Olympus to the shade/darkness of the arrival of the Goddess of the Night and her children.  The art stood out to me more this week than it had yet in this exceptional run of Avengers comics.

It makes me excited to see next week’s issue even more than I already am.


Image result for avengers no road home #4 cover

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