The Art of Online Trolling

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I have grown so tired of the garbage being spewed from some of the trolls online about Captain Marvel, Marvel Studio’s latest film that was released to the public Thursday night.  There has been a targeted campaign by many to attempt to damage this film because there is a perceived feminist agenda in it and it seems as if the specific web site has a bone to pick with Marvel Comics.

Cosmic Book News has been posting negative articles about Captain Marvel for weeks.  Every chance it had to post an article that could be seen as divisive, this web site did it.  Using out of context quotes from film star Brie Larson to stir up anti-feminist rhetoric and drawing the worst possible conclusions from minor news bits, Cosmic Book News has specialized in hyperbole to misrepresent the state of this film and the overall health of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Most of the time, you look at this ridiculousness and laugh it off, but the review that they posted on their site written by Matt McGloin does not even pretend to be unbiased.

Let me state immediately that everyone has the right to dislike this movie if they do so.  However, when you spend more time trying to bring down a woman because she is not the kind of woman you want her to be, then there is a problem.

There will be Captain Marvel spoilers contain within this post.  Be aware.

Let’s look at the review itself.  He starts the review off by saying that placing Captain Marvel as the face of the MCU is not a good thing.  That is an opinion and he is welcome to it.  Then he states the following:  “Overall, Captain Marvel comes off as a rather dull and lackluster movie, and joining Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy and Waititi’s Thor: Ragnarok, it is another spit in the face of Marvel Cosmic fans.”

Huh?  This is such spin that it is silly.  How exactly does James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy and Taika Waititi’s Thor: Ragnarok “spit in the face” of fans of Marvel Cosmic?  These are universally beloved MCU films.  On Rotten Tomatoes, Guardians of the Galaxy has a 91% critic rating and a 92% fan rating while Thor: Ragnarok has 92% critic and 87% fan ratings.  How do they spit in the face of the fans?  Is it because there is too much humor?  That is the criticism these movies face among the minority of people, but that is completely subjective as well.

The next point made is to make a quick comparison to Disney’s Star Wars.  The hatred from these trolls feels like the same kind of hatred Rey received in the Disney Star Wars.  What does Rey and Carol Danvers have in common?  Hm, they are strong women who are not using their sexuality as part of their character.  These are the same people who were mad when Ms. Marvel changed from her revealing costume into her current uniform.  That caused a lot of backlash too because how dare Marvel try to be SJW and give some respect to their characters.

Then the biggest criticism of the film comes in his review.  Of course, it is the “feminist male-bashing elements” of the film.  He then lists these horrible elements of the story that crush the poor male ego.  Let’s look at them:

“Carol’s dad is mean to her.”

Are you kidding me?  Carol’s dad is shown for maybe 20 seconds in the entire movie and this is male bashing.  How many super heroes had a perfect upbringing?  Most of them had troubles and problems with their parents, whether they have been killed or are abusive.  The Runaways parents were super villains!  Bruce Banner was abused by his father.  Daredevil’s mother deserted him.  I could go on.

Carol’s baseball teammates are mean to her (tried to beam her).

Another scene that might have been five seconds.  And the scene wasn’t about males trying to hurt her.  It was about her standing up and continuing on despite the challenge.  Everybody who has played baseball has been knocked down or hit by a pitch.  It is part of the game and being able to step back into the box shows the perseverance of the human spirit that the movie was going for.

When Carol crashed into the Blockbuster, she blew the head off Arnold Schwarzenegger (a male) of the True Lies standee, not Jamie Lee Curtis (a female).

This is a joke.  It is more to emphasize the connection to the 1990s than it is for any sort of male bashing.

Carol is hit on and insulted by the motorcycle guy.

And something like that never happens.  I will admit that this scene was a bit cliche and if that was what he was criticizing, I would not have a problem with it.  However, to use it to say that the movie is male bashing is a stretch.  

What is wrong with calling a girl a young lady? Talos calls Maria a young lady a couple of times, which she gets mad about. Huh?

I do not remember this scene, but perhaps she is upset about the freakin’ alien being who had arrived and made an implied threat against her.  Monica also is the one to convince her mother to go on this mission to help the Skrulls and Monica wanted the Skrulls to stay with them at the end of the movie so any problem she may have had with Talos and his family seem to have been worked out.  However,that does not support Mr. McGloin’s theory so he does not mention it. 

Also what about Maria, a single parent, leaving her young daughter to go and fight in space? She actually listens when her 11-year-old daughter tells her to go do it? Seriously?

How is this male bashing?  There should be more parents who listen to their children’s thoughts and concerns.  The world would be a better place if they did.

Nick Fury is scanned by the Kree and told he is not a threat and is basically worthless. The Kree actually says “human male.” Note: The Kree didn’t scan Maria Rambeau, a female, who was right next to him.

This was another joke.  You left out the part that just prior to the Kree scanning Fury, they scanned Goose the Cat and proclaimed him a high threat.  Had they really wanted to push the male bashing, wouldn’t they have scanned Maria and say that she was a threat when Fury was not?  This was a way to say that Flarkens were more dangerous than human beings.  So it is Human Bashing.  How dare they!!!  I am offended.

Update: Fury is shown washing dishes.

Really?  You’ve got to be sh_ting me.  Men can’t do dishes?  Why, cause that’s women’s work?  My guess is that Nick Fury had probably washed some dishes prior to this in his lifetime.  Not to mention that Captain Marvel was there with him washing the dishes too.  That part does not fit Mr. McGloin’s agenda so it is left out of the criticism.

The end sees Ronan (a male) state they are going to come back for that weapon. Emphasis on, “The Woman.”

Ronan was definitely not used well in this movie, but it could very well be setting him up for a sequel.  And him calling Carol “The Woman,” well, that did sound as if Ronan did look down at her because of her sex, but that is a character trait of Ronan.  He looked down on both Nebula and Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy so…oh, I forgot… that film was a spit in the face of the Marvel Cosmic fans.

Then, Mr. McGloin criticized Brie Larson for having no charisma.  While I do not agree with him on this, at least that is a critique that is not simply about the sex of the character and he has a right to make this criticism.  However, he then continued on to say that the fact that she barely smiled (which she did many times in the movie) made her look miserable.  Are you critical of Batman for never smiling?  How about Wolverine?  Does she have to smile because she is a woman and you want her to look more attractive?  That is pretty sexist.

Then he complains about making Mar-Vell female.  Annette Bening, who plays Mar-Vell in the film, is a magnificent actor and works fine in the role.  This Mar-Vell is different from the comic book character and, I am sorry, but when you adapt something for the movie screen, some things get changed.  I personally thought it was a neat switch to make Annette Bening Mar-Vell as I thought, as I am sure everyone thought, it was going to be Jude Law.

To be fair, the remainder of his review were ideas that, while I disagreed with, were reasonable criticisms and not just pulling the tiniest of facts and reshaping them to try and fit his agenda.  He does accuse the songs chosen of pushing an obvious agenda, and if anyone knows anything about pushing an agenda, it is Mr. McGloin.

He finished his review with a line stating that the MCU has one foot in the grave.  Really?  I mean, really?  Captain Marvel is heading toward a big opening weekend after making over 20 million on its Thursday night previews.  Avengers: Endgame has just been reported to be tracking around $282 million for opening weekend. It could go down $20 million and still set the all-time record for domestic opening weekend.  The MCU just received their first Oscars thanks to Black Panther.  The MCU is preparing to get back the Fantastic Four and the X-Men characters.  I do believe that they are a long way from having one foot in the grave.

I wonder if he intends to continue his barrage of negative articles into Avengers: Endgame.  The big criticism people have had is that Brie Larson said this movie is intended to be a feminist film.  SO what?  Carol Danvers is a powerful female character.  There is nothing wrong with making a movie that empowers a woman to be a hero.  Is she too powerful?  Maybe.  If you do not complain about Superman being too powerful, then you are a hypocrite for complaining about Carol.  I disagree wholeheartedly that this movie bashes males.  I am a proud male and I did not feel undervalued even once while watching the movie.  Some people are threatened with women and will not get over it.  I don’t know Mr. McGloin so I cannot comment on anything but his writing.  From that, it sure seems that he is trying to whip up the hatred for this film because of his own agenda.  That’s too bad.

I loved this movie.  I made up my own mind.  See Captain Marvel and make your own decisions.


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