Triple Frontier

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A strong cast drew my attention to this new film on Netflix.  When a film can boast a cast including Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam and Pedro Pascal, you know there will be some attention.

Triple Frontier is a heist film, mixed up with a survival tale, with a sprinkle of the Expendables.  Violent and tense, the film does a great job of taking a simple story and making a compelling movie.

Five ex-special forces soldiers reunite to do one final mission which includes stealing millions of dollars from a reputed drug lord in the jungles of South America.  Unfortunately, problems begin happening to the group and suddenly, they begin to question the morality of their actions while trying desperately to survive.

The five characters are played well, and there are concepts that are touched upon, but much of the really deep choices are left out of the script, like bags of money at the bottom of a ravine in the Andes.  I have a feeling that the actors brought much of the character traits to the film themselves and that the script may not have fleshed them out as much as it could have.

However, there is a lot of great action beats here and the group is likable enough to form a rooting interest.  There is a surprise that happened about two-thirds through the film that caught me off guard and really laid out the situation for the group.  I liked the twist, but it did feel that there was not the sufficient pay off for the situation as it should have been.

I enjoyed the film although it is not quite as awesome as it could have been,

3.5 stars


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