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Big this ain’t.

Little is the newest body swap film that sees mean boss lady Jordan Sanders, played by Regina King, magically get turned into a 13-year old girl, played wonderfully by Marsai Martin.  Jordan tries to navigate her life as a 38 year old CEO as a 13 year old.  Her assistant April (Issa Rae), despite the cruel manner in which she is treated by Jordan, is standing by her side as the only person who knows the truth.

Gee, I wonder how this is going to play out?

Regina King is so over the top mean that I really did not care about her back story or the reason that she became this way as a child.  She was simply a cruel and wicked person.  I am not sure that there was enough shown to her over the movie to make me believe that she learned her lesson.

Easily the best part of the movie though was the performance of young Jordan, Marsai Martin.  Martin commanded the screen and she is an absolute star in the making.  I can’t wait for her to get a role that is actually worth her time for her to show us what she is capable of doing as a young actress.

Everything else was stupid, cliched and not funny.  It kind of reminded me of What Men Want, a film earlier this year that took the same premise of a previous film (What Women Want) and put a female protagonist in the lead role.  That would be fine if the film is well done, but that film did not reach the Mel Gibson movie and this film is nowhere near as magical as Big.

And it all falls down to the script because the cast seemed ready to make this work.

Personally, I have a major problem with the school scenes in this film.  As a middle school teacher, I wondered why the teachers seemed to be missing from this film.  Outside of Justin Hartley, who was used as someone to be googled at here in the metoo movement times, there were no teachers in any of the assembly scenes where all the trouble went down.  Either in the scene at the beginning where Jordan’s life took a turn to the end dance scene that we see in the trailers, there are no teachers around. That always pulls me out of the film because I know that those stereotypical bully girls did their nastiness right out in front of everyone and no teacher came to her.  Same thing with the lunch room scenes.  It was not realistic and, when your main part of the story is about the de-aging of a character, the rest of the film needs to be based in reality.  This wrecked these scenes for me.

There was little to love in Little and, outside of a confident performance from Martin, this film is very forgettable.

2.35 stars

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