New Agents of Atlas #1

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New Agents of Atlas #1

“Fire and Ice Chapter One”

Writer:  Greg Pak

Artist:  Gang Hyuk Lim

Cover Art:  Billy Tan

The War of the Realms has been so-so for me so far, and I have not been interested in any of the tie-in issues. They all seem like a waste of time between the main story in the main title.

However, there feels like there is a different purpose in New Agents of Atlas#1, and I kind of dug it.  The team that was formed featured a bunch of Marvel’s Asian characters including several new character that I did not know.

The story focused on Amadeus Cho from the Champions and his problems that put him on the outs with Ms. Marvel and his other teammates.  He stuck with the Agents of Atlas and immediately cause some chaos.

Shang Chi is here, as the preeminent Marvel Asian character.  So is Cindy Moon, aka Silk.  The rest of this group are characters that I am unaware of, but which I liked.

The biggest problem I had with the issue is that there is very minimal character development or introduction.  This felt like a giant fight book and, since so many of these characters are heroes who I do not know, it makes it tough to root for them.  I would have liked to be introduced to some of them in a lesser moment so we could take a breath with the characters and see who they are outside of just their power set.  I hope that will happen in future issues.

I really liked the art of the issue.  It felt very colorful and bright.  The character designs are interesting and I would like to know more about them, so it is not like the first issue turned me off.  Truthfully, I wanted to know more about them and I wish they would have introduced them to me before throwing them into a huge fight.

New Agents of Atlas #1 has some good parts and too many parts where I just wanted more than what they gave me.  It is tough when the cast of your comic is this large, but it is a decent first step.  I will certainly be purchasing the second issue to see where they go from here.  The idea of representation is vital if the comic genre is to continue to survive.


Image result for new agents of atlas #1 cover

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