EYG Top 10 Superhero Sequels


This week’s Top Ten Show featured a guest.  The one and only Emma Fyffe joined the boys this week to talk about the Top 10 greatest superhero sequels of all time in honor of Spider-Man: Far From Home opening today (and I will see later today!!!)

I was a little disappointed with the topic because it feels like something that they have done before and I was hoping for something different.  Top 10 Spider-man movie scenes or something like that.  However, with Emma joining Matt and John, the topic had a bit of a new feel.  And of course the show was great as it always is.

There are a lot of choices here and this will give me a chance to talk about one that has just become one of my favorite movies ever.

Image result for deadpool 2#10.  Deadpool 2.  While I did not feel that this lived up to the first movie, Deadpool 2 was a solid outing with some really funny moments and a strong interaction between Deadpool and Cable.  I had trouble with the kid who is so important in the movie, which is why I probably did not rank it as highly as the first one, but the scenes with Juggernaut were awesome.  The dialogue and quips from Ryan Reynolds was done beautifully.  Domino was amazing and the X-Force stuff was as funny as anything in any of the movies.


Related image#9.  Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.  Some people put this one down because there are too many jokes and, honestly, I felt that the first time I saw it.  However, after the second viewing and onward, I have not felt the humor took away from the positives of the film.  Ego, played by Kurt Russell, is tremendous.  The whole Yondu storyline is beautiful and the ending of this movie never fails but to make me a blubbering mess.  Any drawbacks it may have are overtaken by the emotional beat of the film.


Image result for ragnarok thor movie#8.  Thor: Ragnarok.  Marvel Studios and director Taika Waititi completely reinvigorated the character of Thor and provided Chris Hemsworth with a new take on the character of the Norse God.  This film was just crazy with so much goodness.  The Planet Hulk storyline is encapsulated here.  The Grandmaster played by Jeff Goldblum is perfection.  Loki and Thor’s relationship continues to be the most compelling relationship of the series.  There is great humor and heart.  Some complain about the lack of emotion from Thor after the death of Odin or the destruction of Asgard, but I would push back on that because it is in the film, albeit subtle and it leads to the arc of the character throughout the upcoming Avengers movies.


Image result for dark knight#7.  The Dark Knight.  Matt and John always have this higher on their lists than I do.  While I admit it is a great movie, I’m more of a Marvel guy.  I do love Batman and the performance of Heath Ledger as the Joker is out of this world.  I do not think the film needed Two-Face though and that felt tossed in and it undercut the main story here.  Still, the interrogation scene with Batman and the Joker is amazing cinema and the film keeps you off balance the whole time.  I appreciated hearing Emma and her thoughts on the movie as it was lower on her list than Matt and John and I actually could relate to why she placed it where she did.


Image result for spider man 2#6.  Spider-Man 2.  This was my favorite superhero movie for some time because I loved Spider-man and this was the best version of him up to this point.  While I believe Tom Holland is now the standard bearer, that does not take away from this classic.  Adapting the “Spider-man No More” story, Spider-man 2 is so great.  The entire train sequence with Doc Ock and the people on the train may still be one of my favorite moments in any Spidey film.


Image result for cap winter soldier#5.  Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  I never would have thought that anyone could do Captain America as well as he is done in this movie.  They are able to provide conflict for Cap despite of his “boy scout” image.  The relationship with the Black Widow and Cap is done wonderfully and sets up so much for later installments.  They created a spy thriller and put Cap at the center.  It brought up themes of government interference and what exactly a soldier should be.  The Winter Soldier himself was an epic payoff and had some amazing battles with Steve Rogers.  And we had a villain in the MCU played by Robert Redford, for goodness sake.  It also introduced Falcon to the series and brought us one of those iconic scenes- in the elevator.  A classic.


Image result for Logan movie#4.  Logan.  Easily the best X-Men film we have had yet.  Logan gives us the story of a broken down hero who is just trying to get away to spend his last years of life with his friend, safe and secure.  Unfortunately, as always, life is not going to let Logan go quietly into the sunset.  They provide a young clone of him named Laura and she turned his life upside down.  Hugh Jackman’s final turn as Wolverine is easily his best.  Patrick Stewart should have not only been nominated for an Academy Award, he should have won it for his role as the slowly degenerating Charles Xavier.  This is the most beautiful send off for the Wolverine character and the rest of the characters in his arc.


Related image#3.  Captain America: Civil War.  This is such an unbelievable undertaking that when the Russo Brothers pulled it off, they showed what they were capable of and set themselves up as the correct directors to take the MCU to the heights that it could reach.  This film had a huge cast that was not slighted in the least, including our first introduction to Black Panther and the MCU version of Spider-Man, but it was also a small film that focused on the conflict between two men, Steve Rogers and Tony Stark.  And it does it so well that you can relate to and connect with both of them.  Even if you are “Team Cap”, you can see where Tony Stark is coming from.  And the film never fails to feel like it is a Captain America film, which with the number of heroes involved is quite  a feat.  The action is never skimped on either.  The airport scene is one of the greatest in any movie and the Iron Man vs. Cap and Bucky conclusion brings stakes galore.  I was never fond of the comic event, Civil War, because it had characters doing things that felt as if they would never do.  That was not the case with the movie and is another reason why I love it so much.


Image result for infinity war cap and thanos#2.  Avengers: Infinity War.  This was such a gutsy movie from Marvel Studios.  They basically took their villain, played wonderfully by Josh Brolin, and made him the main character of the film.  What?  And the fact that the villain wins in the end is so shocking.  I remember seeing it for the first time and just the gasps of shock when the screen went to black with Thanos on his farm watching the sunset.  It was such a twist.  Still, you can understand Thanos’s motivation.  Sure what he wanted to do was crazy, but he thinks he is doing these actions as what was best for the universe and that makes him compelling as hell.  The film contained so much as well.  Spider-man and his death in the arms of Tony Stark nearly broke me.  The heroes being dusted drove the audience crazy.  The pairing of Thor with Rocket and Groot and their subsequent arrival in Wakanda is one of the best moments of the film.  The film is dark and sprawling.  And it does a brilliant job setting up….


Cap#1. Avengers: Endgame.  I just love this movie.  No movie has made me feel as many different emotions or made me cry as consistently as Endgame has.  I cry for many reasons too.  I am so overwhelmed with joy that the emotions come freely.  The moment Cap picks up Thor’s hammer just fills me with pleasure.  Finally hearing Cap say “Avengers Assemble” after the vortexes open to bring all the dusted characters back to the fight was so satisfying.  The film pays off the 21 previous movies in ways you never could have guessed it could.  There are so many little things that you recognize that proves that the Russos, Kevin Feige, Marcus and McFeely and all the actors made this as a love letter to the MCU and it works completely.  The time travel aspect may have been done the best in any movie ever. I worried when I heard about the time travel rumors, but it could not have gone better.  I have seen this film eight times in the theaters and I need to see it again before the July 4th holiday ends.  The idea of not being able to see it on the big screen kind of makes me sad.


Honorable MentionsX2: X-Men United almost made the list, but it got knocked off at the last minute.  The other X-Men film that would be in consideration was X-Men: Days of Future Past.  I almost included Avengers: Age of Ultron because that film gets a bad rap and is much better than people give it credit for.  Superman 2 was my favorite Superman movie.  The Incredibles 2 was worth the wait.



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