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Avengers #21

The Day After a Day Unlike Any Other

Writer: Jason Aaron

Artiest: Jason Masters

Cover Art:  Stefano Caselli & Frank Martin

I was catching up on some of my comics that I was behind on when I started Avengers#21.  Now, I have not been overly happy with this book recently.  I did not love the whole vampire/Dracula stuff and the War of the Realms was a waste of time, in my opinion.  So coming off the wonderfulness that was Avengers: No Road Home, this title had been disappointing.

I would never stop collecting the Avengers though.  I have been buying Avengers comics since the Korvac Saga and I know that the Avengers change as time moves on.

However, when I read Avengers#21, I was reminded how much I like Jason Aaron’s writing.  After the events of The War of the Realm, this book brought things back to a smaller, human level.  The first four pages of the book involving Thor, Iron Man and Cap in the Avengers’ “Tub of Hotness” in Avengers Mountain were as charming and fun as I have seen in this book in quite a while.

The scene was just a conversation between the three of them as they attempt to relax and take a few minutes of much needed downtime.  The dialogue was wonderful, giving us insights into each man and his character.

As more Avengers joined them, things were not as personal and felt a bit forced, but some of the other bits were good too.  Robbie Reyes and Captain Marvel going “fishing” was a cool moment.  So was Hulk flirting with Blade. I am not a fan of what they have done with Jennifer Walters in the last few years at Marvel, but I saw some promise that Jenn is actually there.

I would love to have more of these kind of issues that can help create a bond between these characters, cementing the team in a positive way.  That is before Mephisto shows up to muck with the situation.


Image result for avengers #21

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