Jane Foster: Valkyrie#1


Jane Foster: Valkyrie#1

The Sacred and the Profane Part 1

Writer:  Jason Aaron & Al Ewing

Artist: Cafu

Cover Art:  Jesus Aburtov

The second ongoing series coming out of The War of the Realms saga arrived today in Jane Foster: Valkyrie#1.  Jane Foster, who at one point wielded the hammer and the power of Thor, now has found herself as the last Valkyrie.

I enjoyed this book.  I was not a huge fan of Jane as Thor, but I did not hate it either and I will say that my first thought of Jane as a Valkyrie was one of disappointment.  However, the book is well done, with a solid story and great characterization.  It also has a shocking event that you do not see coming (literally).

Al Ewing has been doing tremendous work in the Immortal Hulk and if he can bring the same kind of exceptional storytelling to this book on a consistent basis, I will be very happy.  The art by Cafu is lovely as well and really helps the book stand out.  There are some spots where the book could use a different color scheme, but other than that, this is a great book to look at.

I loved the first issue of Loki and this issue is excellent too, which means I already like more of the post-War of the Realms than I did when it was actually going on.  It would be nice for the books to get some time to find their footing before having to jump into the next massive crossover.




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