A Very Brady Sequel (1996)

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This movie had no right to be good.

Okay, good might be stretching it.

However, I do believe that the second Brady Bunch big screen movie was entertaining and is actually quite a good satire, mainly of itself.

The Brady family returned with the ensemble cast led by Gary Cole as Mike Brady and Shelley Long as Carol Brady.  Then you have the cast of kids, some of which are creepily close to the look of the real Brady Bunch cast members.

In this movie, Carol Brady’s first husband, or so we think, has come back from being believed dead to rediscover his family…. and a $20 million dollar antique horse that was sent to Carol.  Tim Matheson played “Roy,” Carol’s first husband.

There are also multiple storylines going on for all of the other characters, most of which we have already seen in the TV series.  One of the funniest parts of the movie is that it takes these actual story beats from the TV show and uses them to poke fun at the Bradys or at Brady Bunch.

My favorite of the secondary storylines here is the feelings developing between Greg (Christopher Daniels Barnes) and Marcia (Christine Taylor) when they realize that they are not actually brother and sister.  This satirizes the rumors about the actual Brady actors, Greg Williams and Maureen McCormick, and the possible affair they had during the show.

I enjoyed as well the two times where the Brady kids just burst into song, including the classic “Time to Change” from the series.  The song on the airplane was extremely funny and just happened out of nowhere.

If you watched the Brady Bunch, then you will see and understand all of the in jokes that were certainly over the head of younger viewers.  Still, I think there is enough self-deprecating satire here to make this a fun time to watch.  And there is a ton of sexual innuendo in the script for the adults to think about.


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