Captain America #12

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Captain America #12

Captain of Nothing: Part VI

By Ta-Nehisi Coates & Adam Kubert

Cover Art:  Alex Ross

This is the final part of the story “Captain of Nothing” where we have seen Captain America sent to prison for a murder he did not commit, have problems inside, and escape with the help of a group of female super heroes. Now Cap is on the run from the authorities, including Nick Fury.

The story really focuses on how the image of Captain America has been tarnished by the whole Hydra thing that had happened and how Cap may be dead.

However, it does not mean that Steve Rogers can’t make an impact.

Splitting hairs?  Maybe.  The final page of the issue is kind of cool as we see something pretty familiar.

Couple of thoughts in the issue:

  • Who are the Daughters of Liberty?  I like the idea of a secret society of powerful women that have been around for years behind the scenes, only coming together in the most important moments.  I could see a limited series featuring the Daughters of Liberty in the Revolutionary War, Civil War, World War I or II.  I’m not sure that is where they are going with this, but I do like the possibilities.


  • Secondly, where in continuity does this take place, because, I have also read Avengers #22 today where Cap is right there with his fellow Avengers dealing with Robbie Reyes and his Ghost Rider problem.  Shouldn’t Nick Fury know that Cap is there?

I liked the art in this issue.  I am not sure exactly who is the artist here as the comic did not specify.  All it listed was the two creators and that it was “by” them.  I know Andy Kubert is an artist, but I do not know if he has expanded into writing or co-plotting or whatever.

This starts into the next story arc for the Captain America comics called “The Legend of Steve”


Image result for captain America #12 2019

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