The Red Sea Diving Resort

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One of the best qualities of Chris Evans, which made him the perfect Captain America for several years, is his likability.  He is charming and engaging.  You feel as if you would follow him wherever he asked you to go.

Now that his days as Captain America seem to be at an end, Chris Evans is free to use that likability to make other movies and play other types of characters.  However, his first film since Endgame sees him as another heroic character, but this time a more down to earth one.

The Red Sea Diving Resort is a Netflix film that tells the true story of a group of Mossad agents, led by Ari Levinson (Chris Evans) and brave Ethiopians who used a rundown retreat in Sudan as a front to smuggle thousands of refugees to Israel.  Levinson put together his own team for the mission that turned into them actually running the resort for unsuspecting white tourists.

The story itself was not as tension filled as it could have been.  There was not much development of any of the victims so it made it harder to relate to them, but I did enjoy the group working with Levinson and their relationships helped move the film along.

While it cannot compare to a film such as Argo, The Red Sea Diving Resort has its moments.  Some of the early scenes at the hotel show more of a loose tone, which was a stark contrast to the more dangerous scenes later in the film.

Michael Kenneth Williams is strong as the dedicated Kabede Bimro.  Chris Chalk was the antagonist, Col. Abdel Ahmed who was determined to stop these refugees.  Ben Kingsley appears as Chris Evans’s superior.  Alessandro Nivola is the doctor that Evans wants to join them.  Haley Bennett plays Rachel, who had some great scenes as a woman in this country where that is a danger.

The film may be too long, but I did enjoy it.  Chris Evans’ presence helps make this a better film.

3.4 stars

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