The Immortal Hulk #23

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The Immortal Hulk #23

The Face of the Enemy

Writer: Al Ewing

Artist: Joe Bennett

Cover Art:  Alex Ross

One of the most consistent of the Marvel Comics over the last two years, The Immortal Hulk from Al Ewing continues to be a thrill-a-page and ends again in issue #23 with a final page that causes our jaw to drop.

Who knew that turning the Hulk into a horror monster and placing him in downright frightening situations would be so epic?  Any time this comic has a new issue due, it is one of the first, if not the first, comic I read that week.  It rarely lets me down.

Al Ewing has quickly become a personal favorite of mine and he provides such a flair to the book that this run of Hulk rivals the very best runs on the character over the years, from Peter David to Greg Pak.

This comic really feels like it is building to something big, and with The Immortal Hulk #25 on the radar for October, a double sized issue as well, things look to be really become huge for the immortal one.

Oh, and shout out to Puck in this issue.  He shows that he is a true kick ass.

Another magnificent issue from Ewing/Bennett.  The Alex Ross covers continue to make this book all the more special.


Image result for the immortal hulk #23

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