Contagion #1

Writer:  Ed Brisson

Artist: Roge Antonio

Cover Art:   Juan Jose Ryp & Jesus Aburtov

The Marvel Universe has a new contagion that has been released in this new limited series, affecting heroes and villains, and turning them into mindless zombie-like creatures.

In issue one, we see the Fantastic Four get involved with a group of infected Moloids who had been attacking kids on Yancy Street.

Meanwhile, we are not sure where this has come from or how it arrived in the underground of Yancy Street.  There does seem to be some connection to K’un-L’un because the book starts out there and we end up with Danny Rand.

I have heard the rumors of this book being closed to DCeased, but, since I did not read that book, it is a critique that did not bother me.

I did not love the book, but it was fine.  I enjoyed reading it and I have enough questions to continue reading it.  I hope it becomes as fascinating as it could be.



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