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I had not heard much about this movie. After watching it, I understand why.

Jexi is a film starring Adam Devine as Phil who is obsessed with his smartphone and who spends very night home, alone and staring at the screen.  When his phone is damaged, he has to get a new one and his new phone comes equipped with an A.I. (like Siri) named Jexi (Rose Byrne).  However, Jexi is unlike other operating systems.

Jexi is mean.  Jexi swears at Phil.  She insults him.  She dominates him and she takes over his life.  As this is happening, Phil meets the lovely Cate (Alexandra Shipp) and falls for her.  Jexi tries to help Phil with this relationship until things go south.

Things went south in this movie five minutes into it.  I was bored early and the scant run time of 80 minutes felt double that.

The film was desperately unfunny and the writing, dialogue and storyline was an inane as it comes… and predictable as well.  I considered a couple of times of leaving the movie, but I thought, if I can stick it through Holmes and Watson, I can make it through this one.

The film rides the one note joke about the phone being mean and swearing often throughout the movie.  The first couple of times it was worth a chuckle, but it grew old really fast.  And then, when the film implies (and not even subtly) that Jexi the A.I. caused a terrible injury to someone so Phil can be promoted, the film brushes it aside as if it never happened.

In my mind, Phil knew what had happened and that was when he should have looked into solutions to the phone problem, but he did not seem to care at all.

Michael Pena, who is a very funny actor, is a total mess here.  His character is such an over-the-top caricature it is ridiculous.  If it were trying to satirize a type of person, then they need to make this closer to someone who might actually exist.  For such a great actor, this performance was one of the year’s worst.

The film is trying to go for a message of how people become dependent on their phones, but it is, at best, surface level.  There is nothing deeper here and that message gets left behind several times.

I do like Alexandra Shipp, who, despite the crappiness of this script, looks like a star.  She is a lovely presence on the screen, but she cannot save the garbage that she is thrust into by the writers.

Dumb, dumb, dumb.  One of the worst of the year.

0.9 stars

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