Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #13


Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #13

You Say You Want a Revolution

Writer: Tom Taylor

Artists:  Ken Lashley, Todd Nauck, Ig Guara, Dike Ruan

Cover Art:  Andrew C. Robinson

I’m saying this right now… Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man is the most entertaining, most fun and simply the best Spider-Man title currently on the market.  And it is not even close.

Issue #13, featuring the Fantastic Four, is some of the best work of the month.  There are literally several times where I actually laugh out loud at the dialogue being shown by Tom Taylor.  The interactions between Spidey and the FF and, quite frankly, between the FF members are just amazing (pardon the pun).

I believe that Tom Taylor has as good of a grasp on the character of Peter Parker, Spider-Man as any writer working today.  Every month it only seems to exceed itself.

The story is kind of odd, and the climax to the story may have felt a little bit rushed, but that does not take away from the fact that I was thoroughly entertained by this comic and enjoyed every page.

Spidey and Reed Richards bonding over science is something I never knew I needed.  And how they then turned the tables on Johnny Storm… priceless.

I legitimately feel giddy over the book.  It is not coming out every week like some Marvel books or every other, but as long as this is the quality that they continue to provide, I am happy to wait.




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