Far Sector #1

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Far Sector #1 (of 12)

“Chapter One”

Writer:  N.K. Jemisin

Artist:  Jamal Campbell

Cover Art:  Jamal Campbell

This is another book that my comic book shop friends recommended outside of my safety zone of Marvel. This is a DC Comics tale that owner Ben got me to read.  Last week it was Undiscovered Country from Image and now it was Far Sector from DC.

Far Sector is a story of a Green Lantern from the edge of the universe, trying to solve a murder mystery in a world that had not had a murder in 500 years.  It is a cool concept and the new Green Lantern, called Lantern Mullein, is a well designed and intriguing shift on the character.

I found the first issue a tad slow but in all the good ways.  The story took its time and worked on building the world that this story was going to be set within.

N.K. Jemisin is the writer on this series.  Jemisin is a female science fiction writer who has won several awards.  She wrote the best seller The Fifth Season from the Broken Earth series.  All three of the books from that series won the Hugo Award for Best Novel over a three year period.  She feels like a perfect match for the Green Lantern mythos.

Then, we have the artist Jamal Campbell, whose work has been spotlighted in the DC book Naomi.  His work here is spectacular and really made this book stand out even more than it did.  There is a smooth lay out of the book that makes for an easy read.

I also enjoy the fact that this feels very much outside of the DC Universe proper.  Sure there is a Green Lantern, but it is a whole new world and it is intriguing.

The book has started out extremely hot and popular with the comic collectors.  It is nice to see quality rise to the top.

I am in for now, but if I keep getting these other company comic books, I’m not sure what I am going to do.



Image result for Far Sector #1 DC

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