Sister Act (1992)

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Over the next several weeks, I will be diving head first into the next binge here at Doc’s Classic Movie Reviewed with a trip through the new streaming service Disney +.  As I was perusing the list of movies available, I came across one that I did not know fell under the Disney umbrella, but one that I always enjoy… Whoopi Goldberg’s star vehicle named Sister Act.

Lounge singer Dolores (Goldberg) witnesses her mob boyfriend Vince (Harvey Keitel) kill a snitch and she runs to the police.  The detective Eddie (Bill Nunn), knowing that the police had been having issues keeping witnesses alive, decided to hide Dolores away in a convent until it was time for trial.

However, Dolores did not take immediately to the life of a nun as she clashed with Mother Superior (Maggie Smith).  It was not until Dolores found herself sent to sing in the horribly sounding choir that she found her footing, turning the failing choir into a dynamic musical sensation.

Sure the story of Sister Act is ridiculous and illogical, but that is beyond the point.  It is a fun and entertaining film, featuring Goldberg in, what could have been, her greatest comedic role.  And the musical numbers are all great.

Maggie Smith brings her formidable weight to Mother Superior.  Playing the old school nun who struggled with the new progressive ways of “Sister Mary Clarence”, Smith creates a strong balance opposite Whoopi.

The whole Harvey Keitel storyline was clearly the weak point of the story, as every scene of Whoopi Goldberg in the convent was magic and engaging.

Sister Act is certainly a fun time.  I have watched clips of the songs, especially the “Hail Holy Queen” performance and I have enjoyed seeing the full movie once again.


Image result for sister act poster

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