The Good Liar

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The Good Liar is the new film from director Bill Condon, featuring two legendary actors, Sir Ian McKellen and Helen Mirren.

McKellen is a con man, out to find a wealthy widow that he can scam out of her money.  He has plenty of irons in the fire but he was looking for that windfall.  Mirren is that wealthy widow who is searching for something since the death of her husband.

They hit it off immediately and seem to form a bond, to the dismay of Mirren’s grandson.

There is no doubt about the best part of this film.  Helen Mirren has always been a personal favorite of mine.  She always is fantastic, even if the film itself is not good.  And Ian McKellen made his name in geek culture as Magneto and Gandalf.  Putting these legends together is a wonderful treat.

Watching these characters interact was charming and warm, even though you knew there was a darkness at the heart.

I was enjoying the film as it was moving along, but I had some real problems with the third act.  The film feels as if it falls apart in the end for a couple of reasons, both of which would be considered spoilers so I am going to have to just say that the third act was quite a step down in my opinion.  It was painfully obvious what was happening making it pretty predictable and silly.

Even though the ending was not as strong as the first part of the movie, I enjoyed the rest of the film enough to give this a pass.  There were some satisfying, albeit hard to believe, moments in the end and two amazing actors.

3.15 stars


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