Fantasia (1940)

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The Disney Plus Binge continues this Sunday morning with the classic Disney animated film Fantasia.

Fantasia is a piece of art, seamlessly blending together the skillful animation of the time with classical music from all-time great composers.  Disney is able to show that stories can be told in many different manners, not necessarily by words.

The artistic images in Fantasia are, even by today’s standards, beautiful and speak to the audience on their own.  When combined with the music, Fantasia brings these tales to life.

Of course, the most iconic of the parts of Fantasia is the Sorcerer’s Apprentice section, featuring Mickey Mouse magically recruiting brooms to help him carry water only to see that “magic always has a price.”

The greatest of classical composers were used in the soundtrack, mostly being performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra.  Composers included Beethoven,  Bach, Tchaikovsky, and Stravinsky.

The “Soundtrack” section of the movie was another one of my favorite parts of the film, again showing how sound can be shown in more than one manner.

Fantasia is a beautifully constructed animated film that brings together music and art in a wonderful way.  It shows how story can be expressed with music and is an inspiration of the future of music videos.


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