Loki #5

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Loki #5

“The Man from Up North”

Writer:  Daniel Kibblesmith

Artist:  Andy MacDonald

Cover Art:  Ozgur Yildirim

I am really sad.

Loki#5 is the final issue of this series.  I was originally unaware that this was not going to be an ongoing series and I am terribly upset by this.  I haven’t felt this sad about a Marvel Comics series going away since the unnecessary cancellation of Chelsea Cain’s Mockingbird a few years ago.

I have loved the five issues of this series.  I have found the series full of laughs and some unconventional comic stories.  I found this to be way above most of the comics being published.

And now it is gone.

Yes, the story inside deals with Loki in the old west with Wolverine.  And it leads into a revisionist version of the character of Loki.  It felt as if the character was preparing for the next arc of stories, but the letters page dropped the bomb on the end and it was truly a punch in the gut.

Thank you Daniel Kibblesmith for a series that was remarkably enjoyable, albeit way too short.  You had a great take on this character and you seem to encompass everything that makes Loki one of the classic characters of Marvel.

I also get a feeling that this issue will give some idea of what we may see in the Loki Disney Plus series coming next year.

In a medium that could use more original takes on these characters, I will mourn the loss of a series that feels as if it only just got started.




Image result for Loki #5 cover

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