Top 100 Movies of the Decade #100-91



Here is the list of the top 100 movies of the last decade, according to EYG.  If you disagree with my ranking, that is fine.  You are entitled to your own opinion.  Film is subjective and I will never criticize you for what you like (unless you like Movie 43, I mean…come on…).  This is my personal list and only that.

BY the way, I did not look at any star ratings for any of these movies.  Those ratings change over time as does my thoughts on certain movies.  Rewatchability is one of those keys to consider.  Some times the film I liked in the theater really becomes less in my mind as time passes.  If I redid this list in a year, it might be very different. So this is a list for December, 2019 and only then.

I will be posting these in a series of 10 in the thread 2019 Year in Review.  The Worst movies are coming soon too.

Starting off….


#100.  Megamind.  As I said, the ranking has already changed a bit since when I wrote it down on paper.  The previous #100 has moved up the list a little bit.  This is an animated movie that was a surprise.  Voiced by Will Ferrell.

#99. Kick Ass.  Based on a comic, this was the better of the two films involving Kick Ass.  Big Daddy (Nic Cage) and Hit Girl (Chloe Grace Moretz) are standouts.

Image result for fruitvale station#98.  Fruitville Station.  My first exposure to both Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Coogler and it was amazingly powerful and emotional.

#97.  Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.  Some would probably have this one higher, but it comes into the finish at 97.  I enjoyed this, but that was about all. Chris Evans though.

#96.  The Jungle Book.  The live action film of the Jungle Book by Jon Favreau was a technical marvel and was full of energy and excitement.  Beautiful scenery that was not real.

#95.  Baby Driver.  Great film from Edgar Wright.  The soundtrack was out of this world. The acting was fantastic.  Original and fun.

Image result for Lego Batman movie#94.  Lego Batman Movie.  One of the best Batman movies of the decade.  Perhaps the best since the Dark Knight.  I know… strange. But it is one of the funniest movies of the decade.

#93.  Argo. Here was the film that started on my list at #100, but found itself moved up.  I enjoyed this Oscar winner and found it totally thrilling.

Image result for mad max fury road#92.  Mad Max: Fury Road.  Another one that a lot of people would have considerably higher (I bet some would call it #1) but I never thought it was that great.  It is certainly good, if not very good.  Charlize Theron is standout in the cast.

#91.  Saving Mr. Banks.  I have heard lots of criticism about this film because Walt Disney did not treat P.L. Travers well and practically stole Mary Poppins.  The real life story is not coming into this for me.  I loved the performances and the music was great.  Haters gonna hate.


Next:  #90-81


This will carry on through the whole month of December.

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