Old Man Quill #12


Old Man Quill #12

Spirit in the Sky

Writer:  Ethan Sachs

Artist:  Robert Gill

Cover Art:  John Tyler Christopher

When Old Man Quill came out with their first issue, I had just finished Old Man Hawkeye, which I loved, but I was not going to continue on with these “Old Man” books from Marvel.  Peter Quill is fine, but I never found him to be that compelling of a character.

Twelve issues later, the series came to an end with a fantastic confrontation with Galactus and a cool nod to the character of Peter Quill and what his future holds.

Yes, I had no intentions of reading Old Man Quill, but it was consistently entertaining and well done. There were some surprises along the way that were actually surprises and the important moments all paid off.

I see that Marvel will, in January, be continuing this future world with the Avengers of the Wasteland coming out of the Dead Man Logan series.  Again, I am not interested, at this point. However, if the story is as well written, the art as well done as Old Man Quill, maybe I won’t be able to help myself.



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