Superman #18

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Superman #18


Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artist:  Ivan Reis

Cover Art:  Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Alex Sinclair

I have not collected Superman.  I have picked up certain significant issues of the Man of Steel because I am a comic book fan and I am curious.  That is the situation I was in today as I was looking at the issue of Superman where Brian Michael Bendis had Superman reveal to the world that his secret identity was Clark Kent.

I liked the issue itself.  Superman was shown making the final decision, understanding that the identity of Clark Kent was really unnecessary, at least the dual identity part of it.  We see Superman telling the people closest to him in his life who did not already know such as Perry White and Jimmy Olson.  Then we see the press conference to reveal to the world.

Spoilers:  The best part of the whole issue was the reaction of one specific super villain at the end of the book.

This felt like a nice character piece dealing with what had to be a huge deal in the DC Universe.  There was a lot of dialogue and discussion which was well done.  It was very much a Bendis book in this way.

I do not think this means that I am going to start reading Superman all of a sudden, but I did enjoy this issue.  It may make me take a peek at the next issue to see if they can maintain this kind of momentum.  If you like Superman, I think this is a solid read.  I do wonder if long time fans will react to this the way they reacted to the reveal of Peter Parker in Civil War.  Since Superman is not a character I generally gravitate towards, this felt fine.  I am intrigued to see what the rest of the world thinks.


Image result for superman #18



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